Third Day of ObamaCare Arguments Roundup

(Sorry for the delay, the James interview took a lot of time to whip into shape and post.)

Day 3 was all about severability and medicaid expansion:

  • Here’s the official transcript.
  • TPFF/PPACAction final analysis.
  • Buzzfeed has edited together all of Solicitor General Donald Verrilli’s worst moments:

  • Reason‘s analyst also said the Obama Administration had a bad day:

  • They also try to break down the issues of ObamaCare into terms so simple even Dahlia Lithwick can understand it.
  • Rand Simberg smells cocooning on the part of liberals. Also, one commenter offers an interesting theory: “I’m betting that at least the conservative Justices (including Kennedy, for argument’s sake) were unhappy with Kagan for not recusing herself. I mean, it was a slam-dunk that she should have and they know it.”
  • Sally Pipes on the ObamaCare hearings.
  • “After three days of listening to the government make its case for ObamaCare, one thing is clear: The individual mandate has no constitutional basis or justification, and the entire law should be struck down.”
  • The slippery slope of ObamaCaare’s mandated purchasing.
  • The hearings cap what is already a very bad month for liberals.
  • And just to twist the knife a little more, here’s Rush Limbaugh: “The idea that liberal elites are smarter and run rings around other people intellectually was exposed as an abject fraud this week.”
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