Roundup of Senate Debate Coverage

Here’s a roundup of coverage of the Texas Senate candidate debate I liveblogged on Friday:

  • Tom Benning at the Dallas Morning News also live-blogged the debate. His write-up is more coherent but less comprehensive or colorful than my own.
  • KERA has some more extended quotes from the debate.
  • The Texas Tribune/Houston Chronicle piece. I think Tom Leppert was admonishing the media more than the candidates.
  • “Dewhurst plays Pinata.”
  • The Ft. Worth Star Telegram story.
  • Big Jolly ranked the debate Leppert, Dewhurst, Cruz, James. He notices the pauses before Dewhurst’s answers, but doesn’t seem to notice the ones in the middle of them, the rambling nature of his answers, or the times he looked absolutely lost in mid-argument. I’m sure Tea Party activists across the state will also take exception to his defense of Dewhurst for not attending “every podunk forum.”
  • Eric Erickson over at RedState (someone far more critical of Dewhurst than myself) had no problem with Cruz’s attacks.
  • Fellow RedStater Susan Cloud liked Leppert the best, and thought Cruz’s “hyper-aggressive attacks” harmed him.
  • Pondering Penguin liked Cruz, who she’s endorsed.
  • WFAA grades the debate:

  • I’ve been looking to see if someone uploaded the debate to YouTube, but so far all I’ve been able to find is Craig James’ closing statement:

  • Twitter feed for the #belodebate. Keep scrolling if you want to read them all…
  • There’s some chatter on Twitter that Cruz’s comment that the Dallas Morning News had “retracted” the story about Cruz hiding the date his father fled from Cuba was wrong. Well, here’s what Robnert T. Garrett said in the DMN: “CLARIFICATION: On some occasions since 2005, Ted Cruz has publicly mentioned the date of his father’s departure from Cuba and even the fact he fought on the same side as Fidel Castro. However, in the past two months, the newspaper found no instances in which he offered audiences any clues that his father was a pre-Castro exile.” That sounds pretty darn close to a retraction to me, even if they didn’t use the word “retraction.”
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