Cruz Tops Dewhurst 47% to 38% in New Poll

Wenzel Strategies, the polling company that accurately called Dick Lugar’s defeat and Deb Fischer’s victory has Ted Cruz at 47% leading David Dewhurst at 38%.

This is the first real (not internal) poll released since the primary, and confirms that all the momentum on the race is on the Cruz side. The Cruz team seems to be working harder and generating more buzz than Dewhurst. I’ll let you know more when I have a chance to review the full poll numbers, methodology, etc.

Meanwhile, an internal Dewhurst poll shows Dewhurst at 50%. You know, the same poll that had Dewhurst winning outright and Leppert coming in second earlier in the race. If anything, the mere 50% makes me more inclined to believe Cruz has pulled ahead, as it makes me think they had to fiddle with screening criteria just to get a bare majority.

However, Dewhurst is still rich, and it’s still just under three weeks until the election. A lot can happen.

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