Proposed Romney Ad: Burying the American Dream

FADE IN: Long shot of funeral.

CUT TO: Shot of Obama in a black suit standing near an open grave.

Obama: The American Dream enjoyed over 200 years of life.

CUT TO: Men with Obama For America t-shirts with shovels picking up dirt from a pile labeled DEFICIT SPENDING and tossing it down into the grave.

Obama: But it’s time for us to bury it today. It’s outlived its usefulness.

CUT TO: Several young children at the bottom of the grave, already partially buried, as dirt rains down on their heads.

Child: Wait, we’re not dead! Stop burying us!

CUT To: Obama.

Obama: It was a fine dream, but we have to move on to another dream: Of a government welfare state present at every moment of every American’s lives…

CUT TO: Men shoveling in more dirt.

Obama: From the cradle…

CUT TO: Children in hole.

Obama:…to the grave.

Children: Stop! Just give us a chance! We want our dreams too!

CUT TO: Obama.

Obama: Farewell American dream. It was nice while it last.

CUT TO: Children in grave.

Children: Stop! Stop!

CUT TO: Long shot of funeral, as the men continue to fill the grave.

Children: (screaming) STOOOOOOOP!


Anyone know the best way to send this to Romney, Restore Our Future, or American Crossroads?

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