LiveBlogging/LiveTweeting the Election

Congratulations to Ted Cruz and Tony Dale on well-deserved victories!

And on that bit of good news, off to sleep…

Weber beats Lampson in CD14.

Obama 303, Romney 203, Florida and Alaska undecided. And Obama is edging Romney in the popular vote as well, but not by much.

Fox calls election for Obama. Still not sure I trust the Wisconsin call. It looks like Romney may very well win the popular vote. Even so, I still don’t believe in abolishing the electoral college.

Fox calls Ohio for Obama. That may be all she wrote.

All annoying local news now.

PBS calls Iowa for Obama.

Obama still up .5% in Florida with 94% of the vote in.

Florida, Florida, Florida.

Any way this turns out, this is 1% difference election.

No, Romney playing the bio film at the GOP convention wouldn’t have made any difference.

AP RACE CALL: Romney wins North Carolina.

Maybe we should have nominated #Hypnotoad.

David Brooks (click) Elizabeth Warren (click) Crowd interview (click) Grrrrr

Whether Obama wins or not, GOP house should refuse to pass a debt limit increase, and force government to live within it’s means.

Hit my tweet limit!

[Swing state name here] Too close to call. Repeat as necessary.

Looks like it’s going to be a long night before this thing is decided.

7:23 Romney up in VA, FL too close to call, but Panhandle polls close late, and that’s Romney territory.

Everything in the battleground states is too close to call.

6:50 PM
ROMNEY: Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, South Carolina

#ElectionNightSurprises: Fox News calls race for Obama, ABC for Romney, CBS for Gary Johnson, CNN for Jill Stein, and MSNBC for the reanimated corpse of Howard Taft

Please note that I will be live-blogging and live-tweeting the election tonight as the returns roll in starting around 7 PM CST. Judging from my live-tweeting of the debates, there’s a good chance I’ll “exceed the tweet limit”, so you’ll want to check both places for pithy insight and wily snark.

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