Texas vs. California: January 22, 2013

Another quick roundup of Texas’ economic strength, and California’s blue state decline:

  • California isn’t just running out of money, it’s running out of children.
  • Thanks to more honest accounting rules, six more California counties are now officially bankrupt.
  • Despite which, pension funds are still in denial.
  • If Jerry Brown is skeptical about making government bigger he has a funny way of showing it.
  • Namely, he continues to kick the can down the road.
  • And he’s still handing out outsized benefits to public employee unions.
  • Texas is adding jobs across all income groups, and has more jobs than when The Great recession began. California hasn’t broken even.
  • The Texas economy is outpacing other U.S. states because “it has the financial strength of Germany and the cost competitiveness of China.”
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