Travis County Gun Show Ban Shot Down, Stuffed, and Mounted on the Wall

Today law-abiding gun owners declared total victory over the gun-grabbing plans of the Travis County Commissioner’s Court:

Travis County Commissioners unanimously voted Tuesday to reverse course on a proposal that would have banned gun shows from county facilities.

Commissioners also agreed to honor an existing contract for nine more gun shows at the Exposition Center.

“I take very seriously the idea of abiding by the law. State law prevents this court from doing much of anything on this issue,” Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt said.

I think it’s great that Travis County Commissioners are actually concerned about obeying the law. Maybe the could spread that attitude to certain other officeholders.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and the NRA-ILA a large share of credit for derailing this very bad idea, as do Dwight and all the other gun owners who stood up and made their voices heard,

Hopefully the gun-grabbers on the Austin City Council will take the hint.

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