California: Completely Screwed

Instead of going out and doing the heavy lifting myself on a Texas vs. California update, Victor Davis Hanson [[Corrected. – LP]] has done another of his California is totally screwed pieces, and it’s a cornucopia of facts on California’s decline.

A few tidbits:

  • Salinas just named an elementary school after a serial cop killer
  • Racist Latino gangs are now driving black families straight out of Compton
  • “Hundreds of thousands of the working and upper-middle class, mostly from the interior of the state, have fled — maybe four million in all over the last thirty years, taking with them $1 trillion in capital and income-producing education and expertise. Apparently, they tired of high taxes, poor schools, crime, and the culture of serial blame-gaming and victimhood.”
  • “One of every three welfare recipients lives in California.”
  • Read the whole thing.

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    1. martywd says:

      That should be: ‘Victor Davis Hanson …’

      As always, Prof. Hanson’s stuff is a good read.

      [[Corrected. This will teach me to post before breakfast… – LP]]

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