After Getting Them to Flip for ObamaCare, National Democrats Says “See Ya!” to Kosmas, Driehaus, and Dahlkemper

So right after I put this piece on vulnerable Democratic House seats, this New York Times story appears stating that three of the Dem Reps we profiled, Steve Driehaus (OH 1), Suzanne Kosmas (FL 24) and Kathy Dahlkemper (PA 3) have been “triaged” and will no longer receive national Democratic TV advertising buys. As I noted yesterday, all three flipped their ObamaCare votes from No to Yes, two of them (Driehaus and Dahlkemper) as theoretically Pro-Life members of Bart Stupak’s bloc.

So the same party that pressured them to abandon their “deeply held beliefs” to pass ObamaCare is now tossing each of them aside like a used condom. I hope they enjoy the sour lemony tang of those just deserts.

The Times piece goes on to state that the Democrats are now targeting ad buys for Rep. Charles Wilson (OH 6) (not to be confused with late Texas Rep. “Goodtime” Charlie Wilson, of anti-Communist fame), another Stupak-bloc flipper who was not on that list of 72 endangered Democrats, which would indicate there are fewer and fewer “safe” Democratic seats in this election. In addition to ObamaCare, Wilson voted for TARP and the Stimulus, but against Cap-and-Trade. Wilson’s opponent is Bill Johnson, who’s drawn endorsements from Sarah Palin and other GOP heavy hitters.

Although it’s always wise to heed Instapundit’s “don’t get cocky” advice, I like the way Power and Control’s M. Simon Rockford put it: “Republicans at 100+ House seats is looking better every day.”

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5 Responses to “After Getting Them to Flip for ObamaCare, National Democrats Says “See Ya!” to Kosmas, Driehaus, and Dahlkemper”

  1. Earl Cooley III says:

    “Looking better” for certain values of “hideously evil”, rather.

    The destruction of health care reform will radicalize me.

  2. Bill Cooley III says:

    These individuals sold their values upon Pelosi/Obama pressure because they obviously were not bed-rock principles. The stimulus proved to be a way to redistribute money from the general public to special interests (labor unions, Democratic districts, etc.). Obamacare proved to be everything that critics said it was and the opposite that Obama and Pelosi told the public in selling it. It raises rates more than if nothing that been done (which now the Obama administration admits), it is already being used for abortion, it does have in one sense death panels, and it is costing employers more money and thus killing jobs (when Obama specifically said it would do the opposite). It is a partisan fiasco that made health care and health care insurance much worse, passed only because they sold votes in Nebraska, Louisiana, and elsewhere. Any one voting for that horrendous piece of legislation deserves to lose office.

  3. Earl Cooley III says:

    Anyone who votes to damage health care reform deserves to be charged with attempted murder, “Bill”.

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