Could Dennis Kucinich be in Trouble?

So The Weekly Standard is reporting, and his Republican opponent Peter Corrigan seems to be putting up a stiff fight.

You hear that and you think that the Republican wave is going to be even larger than we anticipated. But remember that as much as we think of Kucinich as a liberal icon and his seat as a safe one, he only won his 2008 race by 57%; a very solid victory, to be sure, but not an overwhelming one given the Obama wave of 2008.

Certainly Kucinich is one of the most liberal members of congress, ran to Obama’s left in the 2008 Democratic Presidential primaries, and is known for having some pretty wacky ideas (like his bill for banning Orbital Mind Control Satellites; perhaps Rep. Kucinich has played one-too-many games of Illuminati).

But it would still be an upset. Kucinich has a lot of assets and advantages in his race: incumbency, a national liberal following, and a reputation as a genuine character.

And, of course, a very hot wife.

An incredibly hot redheaded wife.

This is a serious political post, and in no way a shameless attempt to get a Fark greenlight by posting all these pictures of Kucinich’s exceptionally hot wife.

This is a serious political blog.

Serious, I tell you!

If someone told me: “If you run for President, you’re going to lose really badly, but as a result, you’re going to marry an unbelievably hot wife,” I’d be filling out the paperwork tomorrow….

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9 Responses to “Could Dennis Kucinich be in Trouble?”

  1. Earl Cooley III says:

    It’s not the Republican wave, it’s the Republican apocalypse. I won’t be comforted by claims that it “won’t be that bad”.

  2. Dwight Brown says:

    I don’t know. She probably has sharp knees.

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