Rick Perry Doesn’t Pull Any Punches

As seen by this video by a Houston Police Officer talking about how her husband (another police officer) had been killed by a multi-arrested illegal alien while Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White was touting Houston as a “sanctuary city”:

I haven’t spent much time on the Texas gubernatorial race as I’ve thought all along that Perry was going to beat White like a drum, and this video is a good example why.

(Hat tip: Dwight. )

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3 Responses to “Rick Perry Doesn’t Pull Any Punches”

  1. Backing the Blue says:

    My husband is a Police Officer and attended that funeral. He was glad to hear of her endorsement as MOST of the officers we know do, but calling her ad “SHAMELESS” got us to the early voting booth the same day we heard that.

    White calls Gov. Perry’s officer ad ‘shameless’

  2. […] the general election against Bill White, he ran an ad featuring a police widow talking about how her husband had been killed by a multi-arrested illegal […]

  3. […] targeting how black Americans have been hurt by illegal alien crime. Rick Perry did quite well with an ad highlighting an illegal alien who murdered a Houston police officer in his race against Bill White in 2010. Too bad too many gutless Republicans have been hesitant […]

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