Follow-Up: Same Robbery, Different Angles

This is more extensive footage of the same robbery from different angles:

And Hsoi’s comment on the previous video appears to be correct: Security guard Brian Harrison does appear to have to re-cock the slide during the fight, indicating some sort of misfire.

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One Response to “Follow-Up: Same Robbery, Different Angles”

  1. hsoi says:

    Oo… much better footage. Nice find.

    Watching again, it SEEMS like there’s a limp wristing (there’s a lot of muzzle flip) and that caused the malfunction. If you watch “backwards” from the point of the slide rack, you can see just before it it looks like the guard is trying to shoot but nothing happens, and then just before that there’s a shot with the massive muzzle flip – and given the one-handed shooting, yeah, likely limp wristed it.

    Good on the guard for recognizing the malfunction and immediately working to clear it and get back in the fight – instead of staring at the gun wondering what’s wrong.

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