This Week in Jihad for February 17, 2011

  • Weapons of mass destruction found in the U.S.?
  • Not news: Woman convicted of blasphemy against Islam. News: In Austria.
  • Adding insult to injury: Being repeatedly sexually assaulted while your assailants shout “Jew! Jew!”
  • Tunisia’s revolution ushers in new era of harmony and tolerance. Ha, just kidding. They’re standing around outside synagogues asking for death to the Jews.
  • Slowly but surely, free speech is being snuffed out in Europe when it’s critical of Islam.
  • The real face of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • So why was the federal government spending $1.3 million to trying to make Arabic language mandatory at a Mansfield school district Middle School? More Arabic classes as electives at the high school and college level are probably a good idea, as the army will need more translators. But mandatory for a middle school?
  • Interesting Michael Totten interview with Paul Berman, author of The Flight of the Intellectuals, in which they discuss the contradictions of “moderate” Islamist Tariq Ramadan.
  • “French President Nicolas Sarkozy has declared multiculturalism a failure.” Finally.
  • “Although Muslim anti-Semitism is a widespread phenomenon in Oslo, as in other European cities, Savosnick says that most of the anti-Semitism she’s experienced has been directed at her by ethnic Norwegians. Jew-hatred is the only civilized option for an educated, right-thinking Scandinavian.”
  • Refusing to hate non-Muslims in your madressa classes? That’s a smacking. Bonus: In Yorkshire. Police have actually acted in this case, but look at the “fears of far-right attacks” spin the far-left Guardian puts on the news, with theoretical right wing violence trumping actual left-wing violence.
  • “The Islamic fifth column present throughout the West is far larger, better funded, and more dangerous than any domestic pro-fascist movement was in any democratic country in the 1930s, with the possible exception of the Czech Sudetenland. The appeasement we see all around us is more profound and will prove much harder to root out.”
  • 503 women publicly flogged in Bangladesh.
  • Human Rights Watch adds a “former” member of the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to its Middle East Advisory Board.
  • Roland Shirk thinks we’ve just seen the Czar abdicate in Egypt, and bad is about to be replaced with much worse.
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