LinkSwarm for Friday, August 5, 2011

The last six days of blogging have been pretty packed, so here’s a LinikSwarm for a lazy (and very hot) Friday:

  • Christopher Hitchens on Turkey. He glosses over the fact (maybe he only had so many words) that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk could be quite a murderous bastard himself when it suited his interests…
  • Amazon isn’t the problem in California. “How perverse is it when wanting to keep money that you’ve earned is considered being greedy?”
  • Either I missed this when it was announced, or the MSM didn’t cover it, but Mississippi NAACP executive Lessadolla Sowers was convicted of ten counts of voting fraud in April.
  • Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated story, Democrats continue to oppose Voter ID bills, and even trotted out Bill Clinton to play the race card.
  • Here’s a movie about an an Islamic punk band with female and gay members who drink beer and smoke pot. Sadly, and predictably, it’s completely fictional.
  • Fannie Mae is back to what it does best, i.e. losing taxpayer money.
  • You may remember my previous mention of the new definition of “flash mobs,” i.e. large groups of black youths that gather together to commit crimes and then disperse. Evidently they’re a big enough problem in Cleveland that they passed an ordinance to crack down on the phenomena, which was vetoed. Alas, from the description, the Ohio ACLU is probably correct in calling it “both ineffective and unconstitutional.”
  • Flash mobs also seem to be a problem in Philadelphia.
  • And Chicago.
  • And just last week in Greensboro, NC.
  • In fact, it’s a big enough issue that the National Retail Federation has issued guidelines on how to deal with it.
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