Fast and Furious Update for October 9, 2011

Updates to the Fast and Furious scandal are coming…well, you know.

  • Here’s the complete text of the memo that Sharyl Attkisson quoted from on Friday. It’s even less believable and more self-serving than the excerpts alone.
  • Rep. Darrell Issa is going to issue some new subpoenas.

  • Ten Arizona Sheriffs call for a special consul to investigate Holder.
  • Mexico is not wild about Fast and Furious either.
  • Richard A. Serrano reports that many Fast and Furious weapons were found in a Mexico cartel enforcer’s home.
  • A primer on the big differences between Operation Wide Receiver and Operation fast and Furious. At least Wide Receiver attempted to track the guns being sold.
  • Texas Sen. John Cornyn says Holder has to come clean:

  • And, by way of Sipsey Street and Belmont Club, here’s the inevitable Hitler parody:

  • (Hat tips: Instapundit, Sipsey Street, etc.)

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