Craig James: Not Universally Loved

I know this may comes as a shock to some of you, seeing as how I occasionally write about sports for my other blog, but I don’t have cable, and thus have no first-hand experience of Craig James’ ESPN broadcasting prowess.

However, news of James’ possible Senate candidacy has been racing around the worlds of both politics and sports, and from the commentary there, I think it safe to assert that James is not universally loved:

  • I was unaware (or had even forgotten) that all four of Sports Illustrated‘s college football writers names James the worst college football broadcaster. “Craig James and Jesse Palmer…it’s still two ex-jocks glad-handing each other and spewing clichés for three-and-a-half hours” says the normally mild-mannered Stewart Mandel. (Nor does he seem to have moderated his views on the subject.)
  • Awful Announcers has put him on their Mt. Rushmore of awfulness.
  • Matt Hinton is not a fan.
  • Some are hoping he’ll win just to get him off the air.
  • An Ordinary American is not impressed.
  • The same liberal bitterness over any public Republican figure? Maybe, but I’m not getting that vibe reading the comments. And hard-core liberals don’t usually hang out at Big Government.

    More James news:

  • The Statesman asks Could Craig James be a serious candidate for the U.S. Senate? (Texas Iconoclast answers “No. On the other hand, getting crushed in a political race might help downsize the guy’s XXL ego, so that’s a plus.”)
  • This piece argues that James will get his ass handed to him (which I think is correct) and that he’s actually not running to win, but to build name recognition for a 2014 U.S. House seat run. Maybe, but running statewide in a race you don’t expect to win is an awful bass ackwards way to run for a House seat.
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