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Hope You Didn’t Want To Do Anything in Downtown Austin This Week

Monday, April 7th, 2014

This week, UT’s LBJ Presidential Library is having a three-day Civil Rights Summit commemorates the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. For this they’ve managed to snag four different past and present U.S. Presidents:

President Barack Obama will deliver the keynote address at a Civil Rights Summit at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, April 10, 2014….President Obama will be joined by three former Presidents who will also deliver remarks at the Civil Rights Summit: Jimmy Carter will speak on April 8; Bill Clinton will speak on April 9; and George W. Bush will speak on April 10.

That’s a real feather in the cap for the LBJ Library and whoever arranged the summit, but it’s likely going to mean a huge pain in the ass to anyone who wants to do something in Austin when Obama comes to town. Obama’s over-protective security detail usually bring traffic to a complete standstill wherever he goes. I don’t know his schedule, but if he comes in and leaves Thursday, expect everyplace from the airport up to about 35th street to be all bit impassable for much of the day.

Better pack a lunch…

Vote Today!

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

It’s primary election day in Texas.

  • Find your voting statewide place here.
  • A list of Williamson County polling places can be found here.
  • A list of Travis County polling places can be found here.
  • This winter storm is likely to depress voting somewhat, so candidates with the most dedicated voters have an advantage.

    Go vote!

    A Ridiculously Brief Williamson County Election Update

    Monday, March 3rd, 2014

    Since I live in Williamson and have received a ton of flyers on local judicial races, I should probably get together some semi-coherent thoughts about the race and post them here.

    Fortunately, Holly Hansen has already done the heavy lifting.

    County Court at Law Judge Doug Arnold has been challenged by GOP newcomer Tallion Taylor (Taylor used to vote Democrat, but recently switched to the Republican party).

    Three candidates have filed to replace retiring Williamson County Treasurer Vivian Wood: Leander City Councilwoman Michell Cantwell, Jerri Jones, and Ralph Pruyn. As I’ve previously written, Jones is an alleged Republican who publicly supported a Democrat for District Attorney in 2012.

    Indeed, I emailed Taylor to see if he wanted to deny reports of formerly being a Democrat. He never replied.

    And now the tl;dr recommendation from Holly:

    Let me also state my skepticism of those who still view the Michael Morton case as a universal “get into office free” card. Yes, it was a miscarriage of justice. No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore your past record of supporting Democrats or lack of conservative credentials to vote for you. In fact, from now on I’m going to vote against those using the case in their attack mailers just on general principle. That means you, Ryan Larson.

    Texas vs. California Update for February 11, 2014

    Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

    Meant to put this up at lunch, but Stuff. And Things.

  • How California overprotects public employee union contracts. If the paper from Volokh the Younger is too heavy-sledding for non-lawyers, here’s a nice summary.
  • CalPERS is demographically doomed.
  • The people of San Bernardino vote all the bums out. “After Tuesday night, six of seven council members are now on record as saying they want to explore reducing San Bernardino’s pensions, along with [Carey] Davis, the new mayor, and a new city attorney, Gary Saenz.”
  • Another California city, Placentia, drifts toward bakruptcy. “Placentia has been papering over a structural $1.5 million deficit in its $30 million budget for at least five years, plugging the hole with lucky money (more soberly called ‘one-time revenues’).”
  • Stockton: Hey, we’re in bankruptcy! I guess that means we can just kill our shelter animals willy nilly. Federal judge: Not so fast.
  • Los Angeles firefighter compensation averages $218,000 an employee. (Hat tip: Pension Tsunami.).
  • Are even California’s Democratic legislators waking up to the problem?
  • California university workers plan a strike. See, no matter how broke you are, unions still want wage hikes…
  • Unions want to ensure that Bob Filner’s closest ally is elected Mayor of San Diego to keep their gravy train coming…
  • Union membership in California is down to 16.4% of the workforce.
  • Jerry Brown: Hey, Supreme Court, reverse that high speed rail decision! High Speed Rail Contractor: Thanks, Jer! Here’s $27,000.
  • Websense is relocating from San Diego to Austin. Dropbox is also moving additional jobs to Austin.
  • Charles Schuab is relocating jobs from San Francisco to Texas.
  • California industrial brush company relocates to Utah.
  • The Texas labor force keeps growing.
  • LinkSwarm for February 10, 2014

    Monday, February 10th, 2014

    These LinkSwarms tend to get pushed back to days when there’s not a big story jumping up and requiring my attention. It seems like the Olympics have created a bit of a news lull

  • Democratic congressmen abandoning ObamaCare in droves.
  • Obama’s fake recovery sucks in comparison to Reagan’s real recovery. Why? ObamaCare.
  • People who overestimate their income, thus getting a subsidy rather than thrown into Medicaid, might be in for a nasty surprise come tax time.
  • Today’s Democratic representative retiring after getting caught with his hand in the till comes to you from Rep. Ron Andrews of New Jersey.
  • Today’s example of a Democratic member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns being convicted of a felony (in this case bribery) also comes to you from New Jersey, in the form of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack. But as you observe all this Democratic malfeasance in New Jersey, never lose sight of the truly important thing: Chris Christie might have closed a bridge!
  • Here’s a fascinating piece from Ace of Spades HQ on class identification among the gentry left.
  • And this piece on “Love in the Time of Obama” is well worth reading on its own.
  • Massachusetts state Democrat Rep. Carlos Henriquez’s schedule: 1. Smack my bitch up, 2. Mark my bills up. Yes, assaulting a woman is evidently no reason to keep him from working as a legislator…
  • More black Chicago residents question what the Democratic Party has done for the black community.

    Heartening, but I can’t help but notice that some of the same people appear in this video as the one from that town hall meeting in December. Makes it hard to gauge just how widespread black America’s dissatisfaction with Obama is…

  • The Turncoat Diaries: “The conversions of Charlie Crist, from Republican to independent to Democrat, make up one of the least inspiring tales in modern politics. To take it seriously is to admit you’re the sort of person who takes Scientology stress tests and supplies credit card info to anyone who claims to need help from Nigeria.”
  • People move from high tax, high regulation states bleeding jobs to low-tax, low-regulation states gaining jobs. Gee, who knew?
  • How Russia is trying to keep control of Ukraine.
  • NBC calls the end of the Soviet Union “bittersweet”. Much like Hitler’s suicide…

  • Tweets from Sochi: Missing floors, open manholes, yellow tap water, and “cakes in ass.”
  • More: “Three of the nine mountain hotels have not been completed.”
  • Title company executive dead in nailgun “suicide.” Patrick Bateman wanted for questioning.
  • Inside the Red Light Camera Bribe Machine. Redflex has done business with several cities, including “Austin, El Paso, Plano, Corpus Christi, Grand Prairie, North Richland Hills, Hurst, Port Lavaca, League City, Carrollton, Killeen, Mesquite, and Longview.” (Hat tip: Dwight.)
  • Even Howard YEAGGGGHHH Dean thinks the Iran deal sucks.
  • When principled lefty Alan Derschowitz says the Dinesh D’Souza case is “selective prosecution,” perhaps we should listen.
  • New York City schools Harrison Bergeron a gifted students course because of their unacceptable albedo index. (Hat tip: Indapundit.)
  • Michael Totten visits some of the least-crappy parts of Cuba.
  • When I think “high tech giants,” certainly the first name that comes to mind is Chelsea Clinton. Nepotism much, SXSW? (Hat tip: Jim Geraghty in NRO.
  • Slashdot users in open revolt over a redesign. Take one look at the Beta site and you know why: It is indeed a big, festering mound of suck.
  • Adobe to release new DRM scheme that’s annoying, useless, and screws older customers.
  • Ten scenes from Blazing Saddles too politically incorrect to be made today.
  • Did Bill Clinton add Elizabeth Hurley to his list of in-White House conquests?
  • Round Rock ISD committee chairman tries to bypass laws to make changes to sex ed.
  • On tour with the Sex Pistols in Texas.
  • Travis County Ending Gun Shows at the Expo Center?

    Thursday, January 9th, 2014

    So it appears:

    Travis County won’t be hosting a gun show in its Exposition Center after this month, after county commissioners did not renew a lease for the controversial event.

    “Controversial” in the sense that “liberals don’t like it.”

    Saxet Gun Shows has been hosting the nearly-monthly show at the Expo Center since 2010 and had been negotiating a new contract for eight shows from March to January 2015, but got nowhere as county officials wanted the company to require background checks for all firearm sales. The company refused to require background checks for all transactions, and neither side has budged in the weeks of discussions, officials said.

    (Hat tip: Dwight.)

    Does this count as a violation of the preemption clause of Section 229 of the Texas local government code, which states:

    (a) Notwithstanding any other law, including Section 43.002 of this code and Chapter 251, Agriculture Code, a municipality may not adopt regulations relating to:

    (1) the transfer, private ownership, keeping, transportation, licensing, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or firearm supplies

    I am not a lawyer, so I don’t want to hazard guess. It certainly seems less clear-cut than when they tried to ban gun shows outright. I did send off a tweet to Texas Attorney General (and 2014 gubernatorial favorite) Greg Abbott to ask his opinion…

    Blogroll Cleaning

    Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

    It’s a new year, so here are a few long-overdue administrative updates to the blogroll.

  • Added Texas Conservative Republican News.
  • Removed Urban Grounds, since Robbie Cooper hung up his blogging gloves.
  • Removed Matt S. Dowling, because one post in the last year isn’t cutting it. Sorry, Matt…
  • Updated the link for An American Housewife.
  • Updated the link to SooperMexican.
  • Other notes:

  • I was going to add Sibyl West’s Ramparts 360, but she seems to have dropped off the map.
  • I would add Cahnman’s Musings, except he still hasn’t put up a blogroll…
  • Any Texas blogs I’m missing you think should be up here?

    Lazy, SuperTiny LinkSwarm for December 6, 2013

    Friday, December 6th, 2013

    It’s Friday, and I’m feeling to lazy to put up a real LinkSwarm, so here’s the Mini-Me version:

  • Anger among Democrats over the rollout of ObamaCare is deep.” It’s nothing compared to the anger among voters…
  • An example of why Rick Santorum wasn’t the Republican Presidential nominee in 2012, and won’t be in 2016.
  • Once again, a super-secret military plane started under Republicans is revealed by a Democratic Administration.
  • Austin Attorney Marc Rosenthal, who helped bankroll the Williamson County Democratic Party, including gave $58,000 in donations to (now ex-) state rep Diana Maldonado, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for “racketeering, conspiracy, bribery, extortion, tampering, and mail fraud.”
  • Charles Barkley rides the New York City subway: “If they never see me again, tell my family I love them.”
  • You know that whole “I’ll never have to buy music ever again” thing? Yeah, not so much.
  • Texans fire head coach Gary Kubiak. It was time. Thy also fired Special Teams coach Joe Marciano, which was many, many years overdue…
  • Man survives two days in air pocket in overturned ship:

  • Gun & Crime LinkSwarm for November 20, 2013

    Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

    We interrupt our continuing series on the failures of ObamaCare to bring you a dollop of gun- and crime-related news:

  • It takes a special kind of super-genius to threaten to shoot gun-rights activists.
  • Though that does give me a chance to bring up the Recall Hudak Too campaign, to recall another gun-grabbing Colorado state senator.
  • San Francisco magazine ban challanged in court. (Hat tip: Alphecca.)
  • Requiring liability insurance for gun owners appears to be dead for now.
  • World’s first 3D printed metal gun. And they’re in Austin!
  • Meet Monticello, NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins. He’s a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. He’s also been arrested for DWI and hitting a cop. Funny how so many people in favor of “gun control” can’t seem to practice self-control.
  • Another dead goblin.
  • Speaking of dead goblins: Armed homeowner gets the drop on intruder by pretending to be deaf and blind. Only problem with the story is that some details don’t match up: “The intruder lowered his weapon for a moment — long enough for Carlson to grab his own loaded Glock 9mm handgun.” Then: “‘I’ve never had my revolver out of my pocket in 50-some odd years,’ Carlson said by phone Friday evening.” To the best of my knowledge, Glock doesn’t make any revolvers, much less a 9mm. (There are 9mm revolvers, but they’re not particularly common.) Possibly the owner was speaking with colloquial inaccuracy, or was misquoted.
  • In Pierce County, Washington, an armed homeowner killed an intruder who drove his car through a metal gate, then broke into his house. Not exactly the perfect stealthy crime…
  • “Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as ID After His Car Catches Fire.”
  • Uh…noted without comment:

  • LinkSwarm for Novermber 1, 2013

    Friday, November 1st, 2013

    A small LinkSwarm this time out, as I was busy with Halloween and other stuff this week:

  • How many Americans will lose their coverage under ObamaCare? Would you believe 93 Millions? And those are Obama Administration estimates.
  • 30-something figures out he’ll be screwed by ObamaCare.
  • Awesome (real) image via David Freddoso on Twitter:

  • Obama Administration insists that inflation you see is just imaginary.
  • “New Poll Shows Democratic Incumbents in Big Trouble.”
  • We have a winner for Worst Bath Salts Freakout Not Involving Face-Eating:

    Not sure if this needs a language warning or not, since I don’t Crazy High Redneck.

  • I was out of town, so I missed this tiny race riot at Highland Mall. (Hat tip: UrbanGrounds)
  • Cool story of World War II bomber heroism.
  • Links to annual Fark Scary Story Threads for this and previous years.
  • Day of the Dead Memes.
  • Happy Diwali! I’m not Hindu, but I’m always in favor of holidays where you blow things up.