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Texas Political Metro Tidbits: Pat Lykos and John Wiley Price

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Here’s a small virtual bucket for a few pieces that I didn’t catch earlier:

I meant to post on the defeat of Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos in the Republican Primary. This was not an issue of ideology so much as incompetence and abuse of office. For the full details, check out Dwight’s pieces on Whipped Cream Difficulties and keep scrolling. (Or do the same at the Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center blog, which has been following the Lykos story for a long time.)

Now a few more John Wiley Price tidbits:

  • It looks like the details of the John Wiley Price affidavit were delayed until after the primary. Hmmmm….
  • Speaking of Price, his lawyer expects a federal indictment soon.
  • Jim Schutze of the lefty Dallas Observer provides more background on Price and Kathy Nealy. A few excerpts:

    In 2002, when I asked Nealy what she did with all the money sluiced into her account by the Citizens Council candidate, she called me a racist.

    It’s strangely heartening to learn that black political functionaries are just as eager to play the race card on their fellow liberals as they are on conservatives.

    I want to point out that black southern Dallas has consistently voted against honesty, against progress, against inter-ethnic neighborhood cooperation and against any kind of civic responsibility in citywide elections.

    But we are told nevertheless — we are beaten about the ears, in fact — that it’s everybody else’s job to clean up and bring prosperity to the black precincts.

    After decades of watching this dismal scam operate, you may have to forgive me if I have become a bit jaded. I look at the editorial campaign of The Dallas Morning News, 10 holes in the bucket or something, about all the stuff it’s my job to clean up in South Dallas, and I can’t help wondering if this isn’t part of the same old sleazy political deal.

    You know what? I’m starting to wonder if maybe it isn’t time for southern Dallas to clean up its own crap and leave me the hell alone.

    Mr. Schutze and I might differ over our respective definitions of “progress,” but I suspect the rest is accurate.

    Maybe it’s time for the rest of Dallas to start consciously and deliberately voting against southern Dallas, as long as southern Dallas continues to support the Price/Nealy machine. How the hell can we be expected to fix all the holes in southern Dallas’ damn bucket if we don’t fix the holes in our own first?

  • Moving from the specifics of the Price case to the issue of urban black machine politics in general, a few politically incorrect questions:

    1. How pervasive is this type of black political machine corruption in other cities with significant black populations?

    2. To what extent has black America’s overwhelming allegiance to the Democratic Party created such corruption, since it prevents the sort of inter-party competition that could sweep the corrupt from office?
    3. To what extent has the Democratic Party’s need for black votes encouraged such corruption, by making them turn a blind eye to it as long as they votes keep rolling in?
    4. Fair or not, the impression I get from the Price case, from the decades-long mismanagement of Detroit, etc., is that a significant portion (and perhaps a majority) of the urban black community is just fine with pervasive political corruption, as long as it’s black politicians that are the ones with their fingers in the pie. Is this impression correct, or is it too cynical even for me?

    LinkSwarm for December 16, 2011

    Friday, December 16th, 2011

    I get the impression that this “Christmas” thing you hear so much about is getting close. I should probably do something about that. In the meantime, some links:

  • Iowahawk channels Stephen G. Bloom on the Hell that is Iowa.
  • Dwight has a good bit on the left’s favorite cop killer. “I believe some people do things so awful to other people that they deserve to die. I believe Ted Bundy deserved to die. I believe Ronald Clark O’Bryan deserved to die. And I think Abu-Jamal deserves to die.”
  • Dwight also mentioned Christopher Hitchens’ Why Orwell Matters, which I have not read. (In fact, while I have read numerous of Hitchens’ essays, I have not read any of his books, which is a deficiency I should probably correct.) Here’s a very interesting interview with him on the subject. However, if I may rudely quibble with the recently dead (and I suspect Hitchens would insist on doing so in the same situation), I do take partial issue with his assertion that “the right doesn’t have anyone it can come up with from that period who was as prescient as Orwell.” I would argue that Malcolm Muggeridge’s reporting on the Holodomor (Ukrainian famine) would not only qualify, it preceded Orwell’s reporting from Catalonia.
  • Speaking of Hitchens, Michael Totten reprints their entirely-too-exciting exciting exploits in Lebanon together. That’s also reprinted in The Road to Fatima Gate, which i should give off my lazy ass and do a review of before the year is over. (Summary: If you want to know what’s happened in Lebanon over the last decade, you should read it.)
  • Mark Steyn on how America wasted the unipolar moment.
  • More on the Democrats’ white working class problem.
  • A view from across the pond: “The failure of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its descent into Lord of the Flies-style chaos, and in many instances thuggery and criminality, is emblematic of the dramatic decline of the Left in the United States.” (Yeah, I submitted the Fark story as well.)
  • Dallas vs. Detroit.
  • And just in case you missed it, Texas is still kicking ass on the jobs front.
  • On a completely non-political note: Llamas With Hats.
  • This Week in Jihad for December 16, 2010

    Thursday, December 16th, 2010

    Lots of Jihad news of note this week:

    Dwight Goes to Town Fisking Those WaPo Gun Pieces

    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

    I’ve already put in my two cents worth on the first installment of that Washington Post series on guns used in area crimes and the gun shops where they were originally bought.

    But Dwight Brown at Whipped Cream Difficulties digs into the issue like a dachshund pursuing a badger, fisking each piece for a host of questionable assertions, gaps, omissions, and unasked questions. Not once, but twice, with more promised. But would you expect any less of a man with a “FRONT TOWARD ENEMY” t-shirt?

    His pimp hand is strong.

    If you’re interested in the issue at all, you should give it a read.

    Edited to add: And here’s part 3.