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LinkSwarm for September 8, 2017

Friday, September 8th, 2017

It would be swell if I could stop leading the LinkSwarm off with hurricane-related news, but Irma is now a class five hurricane headed straight at Florida. If you’re in any evacuation zones, heed authorities, as this does not look like a storm you want to ride out in place unless you have to. Hsoi’s preparedness checklist is also a good thing to go over earlier rather than later.

  • One reason President Donald Trump had to act on DACA: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and nine other states were threatening to sue to end Obama unconstitutional backdoor amnesty program.
  • “¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Obama lawyer who worked on DACA admits it’s probably unconstitutional.” And yes, the ASCII Shrugging Emoji is actually in the headline, so it just wouldn’t have felt honest to leave it out…
  • “Trump’s Crackdown on Illegal Aliens is Driving Wage-Growth in US Construction Industry by up to 30%.” In other news: Basic economics have not been repealed by liberal talking points. (Hat tip: Borepatch.)
  • Congress passes hurricane relief bill and debt ceiling hike. Both John Cornyn and Ted Cruz voted in favor of the bill. I haven’t read the bill, but I’m hoping it’s less stuffed with pork than the Sandy bill.
  • J.J. Watt’s Hurricane Harvey flood relief fundraiser hits $29 million.
  • What it takes to keep HEB stores up and running after a hurricane.

    One of my stores, we had 300 employees; 140 of them were displaced by the flooding. So how do you put your store back together quickly? We asked for volunteers in the rest of the company. We brought over 2,000 partners from Austin, San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley. They hopped into cars and they just drove to Houston. They said, we’re here to help. It’s shitty work. For 18 hours a day, they’re going to help us restock and then they’ll go sleep on the couch at somebody’s house.

  • The bribery trial for New jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez gets under way.
  • “It Appears That Out-of-State Voters Changed the Outcome of the New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race.” (Hat tip: Director Blue.)
  • Why Israel had to bomb Syria’s chemical weapons complex. For one thing, it looks like Iran, Assad and Hezbollah will all emerge strengthened from the Syrian civil war…
  • Speaking of Iran, they’re amassing new weaponry. “While all eyes are on North Korea, Iran is advancing its weapons technology. The country recently tested and announced the success of their new Bavar 373 long range, mobile, anti-missile defense system. Everything in the system is manufactured in Iran; it requires no support from outside sources.” However, since Iran has (to my knowledge) no wafer fabrication plants to produce integrated circuits, this statement is almost certainly false, at least as far as electronics goes. (Hat tip: Stephen Green at Instapundit.)
  • “Bulgaria is projected to have the fastest-shrinking population in the world.” I suspect this is a combination of communism (and its aftermath) sucking, of it wrecking disproportionately more damage on backward, mostly rural countries, and of the general trend in Europe toward a modern, unchurched, welfare state society, with its attendant population decline.
  • Betty DeVos vows to dismantle the Obama-era campus kangaroo rape courts. (Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ.)
  • Twitter Bans Activist Mommy for Tweeting Her Dislike of Teen Vogue’s Anal Sex Guide.” (Hat tip: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.)
  • This is disappointing.
  • Texans handled Harvey better than Louisianans handled Katrina because both their governments and societies are more functional.
  • Another day, another fake hate crime. (Hat tip: The Other McCain.)
  • The American Railway union was founded on segregation. “George Pullman famously hired African Americans to work for him. Eugene Debs infamously did not allow African Americans to join his union striking against Pullman’s company.”
  • Al Gore’s new book being outsold by scientist’s book debunking Al Gore.
  • I laughed.
  • A Real Texas Speaker’s Race? Don’t Count on It

    Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

    Despite a broad consensus that he’s too moderate and holding up important conservative legislation, conservatives in the Texas House failed to unseat Speaker Joe Straus in both 2010 and 2012. Since then, one Straus ally after another has fallen to more conservative challengers in the primaries. Will this session finally be the one where Straus is replaced?

    Well, conservative are certainly going to try to oust Straus from the speaker’s chair. “Scott Turner, the freshman state representative challenging Joe Straus for House speaker, affirmed on Tuesday that he will insist on a floor vote on Jan. 13, the first day of session, come what may.”

    Michael Quinn Sullivan makes the case for ousting Straus. (One would think that if Sullivan was as powerful as liberal reporters make him out to be, Straus would have been out of a job in 2011. But for all Sullivan’s considerable influence, Straus has managed to survive repeated attempts to kick him oust him.)

    And Texas Tea Party groups are threatening to hold Reps accountable if they vote for Straus as Speaker again. Indeed, the North Texas Tea Party said as much on their website. Unfortunately, they decided to do so in an overheated and poorly-formatted screed interspersed with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS. Guys, you’re not posting on a BBS in 1984. Things like this make it entirely too easy for the opposition (in this case Straus-backing RINOs and their media enablers) to dismiss you out of hand.

    However, as much as it pains me to report it, the more I read the tea leaves, the more I think Straus survives the challenge this time as well.

    Conservatives were less than thrilled when Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, who owes his seat in large measure to running against Straus and beating Straus ally Vicki Truitt in 2012, announced he was supporting Straus for speaker.

    Then Sarah Rumpf wrote that still more Republicans announced they were backing Straus:

    Joining Capriglione are Tan Parker (R-Flower Mound), Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton), Phil King (R-Weatherford), Myra Crownover (R-Lake Dallas), James Frank (R-Wichita Falls), and Drew Springer (R-Muenster), who emailed the release to Breitbart Texas with a short message that it was “from leading North Texas conservatives on our position on the 84th session.” Straus was first elected Speaker in 2009, largely on the votes of the Democrats and moderate Republicans in the House. Since first taking up the Speaker’s gavel, Straus has faced criticism from various conservative groups and grassroots activists who view him as more of a moderate.

    Now comes news that Straus theoretically has enough votes in the bag to stay speaker:

    The list of House Republicans who have publicly backed Straus in the past week include Trent Ashby of Lukfin, Cecil Bell of Magnolia, Giovanni Capriglione of Southlake, Travis Clardy of Nacogdoches, Myra Crownover of Denton, Tony Dale of Cedar Park, Marsha Farney of Georgetown, James Frank of Wichita Falls, Larry Gonzales of Round Rock, Jason Isaac of Dripping Springs, Kyle Kacal of Pearland, Phil King of Weatherford, Tim Kleinschmidt of Lexington, J.M. Lozano of Kingsville, Doug Miller of New Braunfels, Morrison, John Otto of Dayton, Chris Paddie of Marshall, Tan Parker of Flower Mound, John Raney of Bryan, Ron Simmons of Carrollton, Drew Springer of Muenster and Paul Workman of Austin. Three newly elected Republicans who will join the Legislature in January — Dade Phelan of Beaumont, Gary VanDeaver of Clarksville and Rick Galindo of San Antonio — have also pledged support to Straus.

    Et tu, Tony Dale? It’s disappointing that all three Williamson County Representatives (Dale, Larry Gonzalez and Marsha Farney) are backing Straus.

    At this point, it’s beginning to look like conservatives will need to knock off Straus in the 2016 Republican primary to get rid of him…

    Liveblogging Election Night 2014

    Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

    Davis is currently at 38.1%. Just for the record, I called Wendy Davis dropping below Tony Sanchez’s 39.96% back in September.


    In local election news, Williamson County Republicans Tony Dale and Larry Gonzalez both won decisively over their Dem challengers.

    OK, I’m heading home. This isn’t a Republican landslide, it’s a Republican tidal wave. Enjoy it now. Tomorrow the hard work begins.

    Congratulations to Greg Abbott on being elected governor of Texas!

    News media now saying Ernst wins and Republicans take control of the senate.

    Republican Joni Ernst takes lead in Iowa.

    A very solid victory speech, with lots of family thanked.

    Wendy Davis called Abbott to congratulate him.

    Nope, family members first. Daughter Cecelia Audrey Abbott.

    Lights went down and they’re about to introduce Abbott.

    Fox just called Kansas Senate race for Republican Roberts.

    Wendy Davis didn’t even win Texas women.

    Right now Wendy Davis is running behind Tony Sanchez’s 39.97% in 2002. $38%.

    Ran into Sen. John Cornyn on my way to the bathroom. Congratulated him. Now he’s being interviewed 3 feet away from me.

    Wisconsin Governor’s race called for Republican Scott Walker.

    Governor Perry speaking after a huge round of applause.


    Not a shock, but someone calling it this early is.

    Abbott spokesman saying they crushed Democrats AND BattleGround Texas. “Helping them waste their money, the way Democrats always do.”

    Calling West Virginia Senate race for for Republican Capito. Not a surprise, but that’s a flip from D to R.

    Republican Rounds projected to win SD Sen. No surprise.

    Republican Ed Gillispie beating Warner in VA; not final, but if true that would indicate a truly epic Republican wave.

    GOP Sen pickups: Cotton beats Pryor in Arkansas,

    OK, now I’m in on Twitter, but on another browser…

    Hi there! I’m blogging from the Greg Abbott Victory Party at the ACL theater. Can’t seem to get Twitter to take my password, so this may just be LiveBlog rather than LiveTweet.

    LinkSwarm for December 13, 2013

    Friday, December 13th, 2013

    A lot of ObamaCare, a little on guns, and a pinch of everything else, from Ace, Instapndit, and elsewhere:

  • Man with critically ill son gives up on ObamaCare after 50 tries to buy insurance.
  • Complain about your insurance being cancelled due to ObamaCare? That’s an audit. For you, your advocate, and your insurance salesman.
  • Finally, after furiously covering for Obama when it counted, Liberal media tool Politifact is forced to admit that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” is the lie of the year.
  • Oregon spent $300 million on its ObamaCare exchanges only to sign up a grand total of 44 people.
  • Here’s a chance to vote for the ObamaCare launch as top Fail of 2013.
  • After 2 hours of open heart surgery, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft is losing his insurance thanks to ObamaCare.
  • ObamaCare is already pushing low-wage workers out of jobs.
  • Charles Krauthammer: The ObamaCare enrollment figures are bunk.

  • Kathleen Sebelius is really getting tired of answering questions on why she sucks.
  • Obama earns a 62% disapproval rating among independents: Quick! He better give a speech!
  • Every time you think the ATF has sunk as low as they possibly can, they dig further.
  • After months of propaganda from the Democratic Party’s media wing and millions of Nurse Bloomberg’s dollars spent, the American public is now now more opposed to gun control than when the year began.
  • How the EU and Obama are blowing it in Ukraine.
  • Time magazine thinks Pope Francis is important because of his “rejection of church dogma.” In other news, the people running Time magazine just aren’t very bright.
  • Georgia Tea Party opposes tax giveaways for sports franchise billionaires. As well they should.
  • Problem: UT regent Wallace Hall investigates corruption and inluence peddling at the university. Solution: Impeach him.
  • Ted Cruz makes it into a question on Jeopardy.
  • Update on Wiliamson County race filings. John Carter, Tony Dale and Larry Gonzalez are all running unopposed.
  • Reminder: Dogs are awesome.
  • Larry Gonzalez Goes Hunting Gun Manufacturers

    Thursday, March 28th, 2013

    Texas House District 52 Representative Larry Gonzalez announced today that he’s inviting gun manufacturers from around the country to relocate to his district.

    “Recently, you received correspondence from our Texas Governor, Rick Perry, inviting you to consider moving your company to Texas – a pro-gun, pro-2nd amendment, pro-business, right to work state,” says the opening line of the letter. The letter continues, “Texas has created an economic infrastructure which allows business to thrive. We understand government’s role is to get out of the way of private business and allow them to do what they do best – create jobs and help build our economy.”

    “My pitch was specifically for the cities within House District 52,” said Gonzales. “I feel many variables make the cities of Round Rock, Hutto and Taylor very attractive places to locate a company. Chief among them is our roadway infrastructure. Our mobility is the envy of this state.”

    You might remember that I’ve suggested something of the sort before at the state level…

    David Dewhurst touts the endorsement of…John Gordon?

    Friday, May 11th, 2012

    I missed this from a few days ago: “The Dewhurst for Texas campaign today announced the endorsement of John Gordon of Round Rock, former Texas State GOP Committeeman.”

    Unless you live in Williamson County, the name John Gordon might not mean a lot to you. In Williamson County, John Gordon is most know for running as the favorite in the House District 52 race in 2010…and getting trounced by Larry Gonzalez. One reason he got trounced was his reputation as a hothead, like suing former business associates and taking a crowbar to a police boot on his car.

    Anyway, that’s all water under the bridge. But it does suggest a certain paucity of Dewhurst endorsements when a guy most famous for losing a state house race is worthy of a press release…

    Texas State Senator Steve Ogden Won’t Seek Another Term

    Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

    According to the Texas Tribune. Ogden is my state Senator, and it was something of a surprise that he ran in 2010. House District 52 Rep. Larry Gonzalez sent out a press release saying he was running for re-election to the House, but wasn’t looking to run for Ogden’s seat in the Senate. Conversely, Rep. Charles Schwertner of Georgetown announced he’s running for Ogden’s seat. Given how geographically sprawling and diverse Senate District 5 is, it wouldn’t surprise me to see other candidates jump into the race.

    Revised Wildfire Prevention/Fighting Numbers Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

    Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

    Since my original post, there seems to have been some confusion over the exact budget numbers for Texas Forest Service and Wildfire Prevention/Fighting as enacted by the 82nd Legislature for the 2012-2013 biennium budget (which went into effect for Fiscal Year 2012 starting on September 1).

    So I decided to go straight to the horse’s mouth.

    I contacted my own State Representative, Larry Gonzales, who pointed me in the direction of Rep. John Otto, the legislative chairman for Article II of the state budget. One of his staffers was kind enough to get back to me with the following numbers.

    It turns out that all the previous numbers were wrong, for various reasons. The numbers below all link to the official PDFs for the final budget numbers of the bills in question. And my liberal critics have, if not half a loaf, then at least a quarter-loaf.

    The reason is that for the 2010-2011 biennium, the Forest service was allocated $54.5 million 2010 and $54.5 million for 2011. That amount was indeed reduced for the initial budget passed in the regular legislative session, to $37.7 million for 2012 and $37.5 million for 2013. But keep in mind that it was very clear that the budget was not finished at the end of the regular legislative session, as several outstanding issues (school funding, revenue enhancement, use or non-use of rainy day funds, etc.) still remained to be hashed out. That was why there was a special legislative session.

    And in that special legislative session, two separate bills were passed which increased forest service/wildfire fighting and prevention funding: SB2, which added an additional $40 million to the forest service for FY 2012 specifically to fight wildfires (with any rollover, of which I’m pretty sure there will be none, to be carried into 2013), and HD4, which allocated an additional $81 million for fighting wildfires in the 2012-2013 biennium. (This is most likely where A&M got the $81 million figure for.) All those bills (and thus the funding increase) were passed and in the books months before the FY2012 budget started on September 1.

    So, in summary:
    Total 2010-2011 Biennium Forest Service/Wildfire Fighting Budget: $109 million.
    Total 2012-2013 Biennium Forest Service/Wildfire Fighting Budget: $196.2 million.

    So the Texas legislature authorized, and Governor Rick Perry signed, an 80% increase in wildfire fighting and prevention funding for the 2012-2013 biennium. Not quite double the amount I had in my original post, but pretty close.

    LiveBlogging the 2010 Election

    Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

    Live-blogging the election, most recent comments on top.

    12:12 AM: Prediction for tomorr- er, today: Democrats complaining non-stop about how voters are still too stupid to appreciate how awesome they are.

    12:07 PM: A few got away, but this was a very successful night for Republicans. If you had predicted the magnitude of Republican victory any time in 2009, pundits would have laughed at you. Remember, in October of 2008, Daily Kos said ” At this pace, we’re headed toward a 65-70-seat Democratic majority in the Senate by the end of 2010.” The magnitude of the Tea Party turnaround in Republican fortunes is one of the most astonishing political feats of our lifetimes.

    12:00 AM: Some happy thoughts to leave you with:

    • Republican Steve Pearce beats incumbent Democrat Harry Teague in NM 2, which RCP had as a leans Dem seat.
    • Republican Scott Tipton beat incumbent Democrat John Salazar in CO 3
    • Republican Cory Gardner beat incumbent Democrat Betsy Markey in CO 4
    • Just about every office in Wisconsin that could reasonably have a chance to flip Republican did. How do you like your shiny new red state, WisCon?

    11:57 PM: At Midnight all the agents…have to stop blogging and go to bed. I’ll have some more analysis scattered over the next few days.

    10:54 PM: Fox news calls CA for Boxer. No surprise.

    11:48 PM: Murray has a small lead in Washington, but there are a lot of votes still outstanding.

    11:44 PM: Pennsylvania Senate race called for Toomey. Don’t let Harry Reid’s narrow escape keep you from realizing what a huge improvement Toomey is over Arlen Specter. This is a big plus for Pennsylvanians, Republicans, and Americans, and even Democrats (who won’t have Specter as their problem any more come January).

    11:40 PM: Legal pot defeated in California. I would have supported this were I living in California, as I do not think that regulating it is a legitimate concern of the federal government, and the War on Drugs has been an astoundingly expensive failure. But if legal pot can’t win in California, then where can it win?

    11:39 PM: NV called for Reid. Dang.

    11:38 PM: IL Senate race called for Kirk.

    11:37 PM: Blog went down for a while, but Blue Host brought it back up more quickly than I expected.

    11:03 PM: NBC: “The Tea Party has arrived in Washington, DC. The House did everything the Obama White House asked them to, and they paid the price.”

    10:59 PM: Republicans are over-performing expectations of a week ago, but under-performing those of a day or two ago (including mine). It’s shaping up to be a bit worse for Democrats than 1994, which is bad enough (for them), but short of the (deep, scary voice) DEMOGEDDDON some were predicting.

    10:55 PM: Senate Race quick updates:

    • Kirk slightly ahead in IL. (“KHAAAANNNNN!”)
    • Toomey still holding the lead in PA, with not many districts outstanding
    • Rossi/Murray tied in WA; it’s flipped back and forth
    • Reid slightly ahead in NV
    • Boxer up slightly in CA, but voting is early

    10:49 PM: Speaking of Alvin Greene, at least he got his own comic book out of the deal.

    10:46 PM: I’m still amazed the Democrats couldn’t find anyone to run against John Thune in South Dakota. It makes South Carolina Democrat’s choice of Alvin Greene seem slightly less pathetic. At least he showed up.

    10:40 PM: TX23 called for Doggett over Campbell, but 52% is a lot closer that most people expected.

    10:35 PM: Back from walking the dog.

    10:05 PM: Stop! HAMMERTIME!

    10:00 PM: Did I mention that Republican Dan Benisheck took Bart Stupak’s seat? I think I know exactly what circle Dante would place Bart Stupak in…

    9:58 PM: Toomey slips into the lead over Sleestak Sestak. Setak had held the lead virtually all night. Over in the opposition camp, the Daily Kossacks are despondent, saying there are only heavily Republican counties left.

    9:52 PM: “Captain’s Log…I’m tired!” I’ve been staring at glowing rectangles for too long. I’m going to take a break to walk my dog in a few minutes.

    9:49 PM: ABC refusing to call Florida or Ohio Governor’s races for the leading Republicans. I think they’re whistling pass the graveyard.

    9:43 PM: This was announced earlier, but Barney Frank survives, alas. I’m sure he’s already dreaming of new ways to inject taxpayer money into the housing market.

    9:41 PM: Republican Nikki Haley takes South Carolina Governor’s race.

    9:40 PM: Wisconsin Senate seat called for Ron Johnson over Russ Feingold. GOP pickup.

    9:38 PM: Sadly, Cao is going down in LA 2. Still, it’s an overwhelmingly Democrat seat that only went Republican in 2008 due to corruption on the part of William “cold 90 grand” Jefferson.

    9:36 PM: Dana Loesch is on ABC. She looks pretty hot. (Note: This was the point in the evening when my internal censor decided to pack up and go on vacation.)

    9:31: Ha! Barletta over Kanjorski. Also, “Red Barchetta” over “The Camera Eye.”

    9:29 PM: Hingham, Mass, suffers from excess of Kitty litter.

    9:25 PM: Fox 7 interviewing Larry Gonzalez. He looks excited, articulate, and sweaty. “Oh my gosh.” :-)

    9:23 PM: Man, that CBS theme music of repeating flute riffs is annoying. Like a pastiche of Philip Glass written by someone who hates Philip Glass.

    9:22 PM: Katie Coric: “Some think Haley Barbour is a future GOP Presidential candidate.” Yeah, some people on a very poor grade of crack…

    9:21 PM: PA Senate still too close to call. IL Senate still too close to call. WI too close to call. CO too close to call. NV too close to call. Still, I have the distinct feeling Republicans won’t take the Senate.

    9:18 PM: ABC has finally decided to grace us with election news. Ed Rendell is spinning madly that Democrats aren’t losing bad as some people expected.

    9:17 PM: Though CBS has a well-known liberal bias, their House race tracker is fairly well laid-out.

    9:14 PM: Fox 7 has Texas congressmen Chet Edwards, Solomon Ortiz and Ciro Rodriguez all losing. As well as 20 Democrat state House incumbents going down.

    9:11 PM: Hmmm. CBS has Republican Thomas Reed beating Matthew Zeller in NY29, despite Zeller’s total currently being higher than Reed.

    9:07 PM: Flores winning big over Chet Edwards for TX-17.

    9:02 PM: More local Texas updates from KEYE: Doggett back up over Campbell, but only by 5,000 votes. Larry Gonzalez maintaining 59-39% lead over Moldanado.

    9:00: Democrat Bill White concedes in Texas.

    8:55 PM: Republican Dennis Ross over Dem Lori Edwards in FL 12. (GOP hold.)

    8:53 PM: Palin: “Delaware is a deep blue state. Exit polls show Castle would have lost on Delaware the same way O’Donnell did. The Tea Party didn’t cost the GOP that race.”

    8:51: Fox predicts GOP picks up PA Governorship.

    8:51: Palin now slamming the “lamestream” media.

    8:50: Palin just admitted she might run for President.

    8:49: Fox: “Is Marco Rubio a possible Vice Presidential candidate?” Palin: “He’s a possible Presidential candidate.”

    8:47 PM: Palin says the Tea Party movement is libertarian in character. “They’re not going to Washington to raise taxes.”

    8:45 PM: Sarah Palin being interviewed on Fox right now. Like Bush, I think it’s her accent that’s the source of the American left’s instant, irrational rage against her.

    8:45 PM: Republican Rigell over Nye in VA02.

    8:40 PM: RCP has Republicans picking up North Dakota Senate seat (as expected).

    8:37: PA, NV senate races still too close to call.

    8:33 PM: CBS: Republican Steve Southerland over incumbent Dem Allen Boyd in FL 02.

    8:30 PM: Houston Chronicle calls Governor’s race for Perry. No surprise.

    8:27 PM: Fox: Vitter holds on in LA.

    8:23 PM: KVUE: Larry Gonzales over Moldanado in early voting for the Texas House District 52 race!

    8:23PM: KVUE: Texas news starts coming in: Perry kicking White 59% to 39%. Whoa! Campbell up over Doggett??? (only 5% in, though)

    8:16 PM: NBC saying Ohio’s Governor’s race is closer than [insert cornpone Dan Rather saying here]

    8:13 PM: Fox predicting: 239 Republicans in the House, 196 Democrats.

    8:12 PM: Fox News predicts Republican takeover of the House. Booyah! Take that Nancy Pelosi! But pretty much everyone to the right of Daily Kos predicted that.

    8:09 PM: Republican Charles Fleischmann holds on to Zach Wamp’s seat. I just like typing “Zach Wamp.” ZACH WAMP!

    8:08 PM: Tom Brokaw just called the American electorate a “wild bull.”

    8:05: has Republican jeff Duncan picking up Gresham Barrett’s SC 03 seat.

    8:01 PM: Nice of you to join us, Fox News.

    8:00 PM: Republican Lou Barletta edging Democrat Paul Kanjorski in PA-11, but the lead is small and only a small number of districts have reported.

    7:55 PM: Republican Young over Democrat Hill in IN9, according to RCP Donnelly/Walorski still too close to call.

    7:50 PM: Sadly, they’re calling it for Democrat Manchin in the West Virginia Senate race. There’s one prediction I missed.

    7:47 PM: Arkansas Woman Forges Judge’s Signature to Buy Mustang. Not election-related, but man, that’s some turbo-charged stupid…

    7:41 PM: As a reporter, getting caught conspiring against a Republican candidate gets you: A.) A Pulitzer, B.) A job with MSNBC, or C.) A pink slip. (Of course, they might still get the MSNBC jobs…)

    7:39 PM: “Election Alert: Fox News Projects Republican John Boozman Defeats Sen. Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas.” Almost as shocking as a Mike Tyson victory over Woody Allen.

    7:36 PM: Republican Griffith over Dem Boucher in VA 09.

    7:31 PM: As part of their non-election, ever-so-important “Trapped in an Elevator” coverage, PBS is showing footage of the World Trade Center collapse. I’m sure Democrats are calling up PBS execs. “You’re not helping!”

    7:27 PM: They’re also calling IN 08 for Republican Buschon.

    7:25: CBS has Sandra Adams beating Suzanne Kosmas 60% to 40% in FL 24. Kosmas was an ObamaCare flipper, though not one of the Stupak group.

    7:15 PM: Pause for pizza.

    No real surprises there…

    7:09: ABC: Bucshon over Van Haaften 55% to 39% for IN 06, but Donnelly up over Walorski 49% to 46% with 56% reporting.

    7:06 PM: “Fox News Projects GOP Marco Rubio Wins Fla.”
    Hey, Charlie Crist:

    7:02 PM: Well, thank God for PBS and their focus on public-minded–CLICK. “Trapped in an Elevator.” Your tax dollars at work.

    7:00 PM: Glee, Fox? Dancing with the Stars, ABC? On election night? Thanks for NOTHING!

    6:58 PM: Jackie Walorski up over Stupak-bloc flipper Joe Donnelly 53% to 42% with 19% of the vote in.

    6:51 PM: has Frank Guinta up over incumbent Democrat Carol Shea-Porter in NH1 by 12,585 to 10,348. If anyone had Shea-Porter on their endangered list, I must have missed it.

    6:49 PM: Alan Grayson (FL-08) is down 63 percent to 29. Can you hear my crazy now?

    6:47 PM: Drudge predicting a 50 seat GOP pickup in the House.

    6:44: PBS has Robert Hurt up over Dem Golden Boy Tom Perriello by 55%, in Virginia, despite national Dems pouring millions into the race. But the returns may not be representative of the district as a whole.

    6:42 PM: Nancy Pelosi is still saying the Democrats will keep the House. Also thinks Dallas Cowboys will win the Superbowl.

    6:39 PM: Coats beat Stupak-bloc flipper Brad Ellsworth, who left his seat to run for the Senate. How’s that ObamaCare working out for you?

    6:35: DeMint called in SC, but he’s only at 55% right now, which has to be a disappointment considering the quality of his opponent.

    6:30 PM: PBS calls race for Republican Portman in Ohio. KLRU is the only broadcast station in Austin showing news right now.

    6:29 PM: Minnesota Democrats using the mentally handicapped to commit vote fraud. Must not make joke. Must not make joke. Must not make joke…

    6:23 PM: Moving the TV into the office. Old 36″ tube. Weighs approx. 3 metric tons.

    6:13 PM: Drudge exit polls via Instapundit:

    Tea for Three: Coates, Paul, DeMint Win Senate Seats…


    IL 49-43 Kirk [R]… NV TIED…

    Arkansas: Boozman (R) over Lincoln (D)
    California: Boxer [D] over Fiorina [R]
    Florida: Rubio [R] over Crist [I], Meek [D]
    Ohio: Portman (R) over Fisher (D)
    North Dakota: Hoeven (R) over Potter (D)
    Wisconsin: Johnson (R) over Feingold (D)

    6:11 PM: Whoa, that was quick. ABC, Fox, and NBC are already calling the Senate races for Rand Paul in Kentucky and Dan Coats in Indiana.

    6:07 PM: The Fark election thread, for one of the few venues on the Internet where both left and right gather to drink heavily and troll each other.

    6:00 PM: Greetings Instapundit readers! Damn he’s fast. Within minutes of me dropping him an email the link was up. It’s like that Warner Brothers cartoon when the wolf writes off for an anti-smoking kit, and when he goes out to mail the letter the postman drive out, snatches the letter from his hand, hands him the kit and drives off…

    5:56 PM: The Washington Examiner on races to watch.

    High turnout in West Virginia.

    The Democratic wailing and rending of garments has already begun.

    Kathryn Jean Lopez of NRO predicts a flip of 80 House seats for the GOP (among other NRO writer predictions at that link).

    Iowahawk brings the election funny.

    12:50 PM: Gallup is reporting a 19 point “enthusiasm gap” among likely voters, the biggest ever on record.

    12:10 PM: Jay Cost of The Weekly Standard weighs in with a prediction (based on his models and Gallup’s final numbers) of Republican House gains of about 75 seats.

    Jim Geraghty makes my prediction of a 67-seat House pickup look pessimistic by predicting a Republican net pickup of 70 House seats. And he’s been following individual races a lot more closely than I…

    Attention the Internets: I will be liveblogging the 2010 election starting around 7 PM CDT and running until who knows when.

    Expect heavy snark with gusts of full-blown schadenfreude reaching 75 miles per hour.

    Diana Maldonado’s Killer Issue: Gun Control

    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

    No, seriously.

    I got a 4 panel flyer in the mail today slamming Larry Gonzales for supporting concealed carry on campus, as you can see from my picture of it below (click to embiggen):

    Because, you know, one suicidal student firing an AK-47 (which was already illegal for him to bring on campus) into the ground before killing himself pretty much demands a knee-jerk call for stricter gun control laws.

    Slamming Larry Gonzales for not being pro-gun control is a great tactic…if you’re running against him in the Democratic Primary. In Austin. In 1990. Unfortunately for Maldonado, she’s running in the general election in Williamson County in 2010.

    And we all know what a bloodbath Texas has become since the state started issuing Concealed Handgun Licenses on January 1, 1996. Oh wait, no it hasn’t. Violent Crime numbers have been down to flat across the board even in absolute terms, and even more clearly down on a per capita basis in light of the state’s growing population.

    Democrats at the national level learned that gun control was a losing issue in 1994. Evidently Maldonado didn’t get the memo. I suspect she’ll be getting a good, long vacation in the near future to contemplate that mistake at her leisure.