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Texas Senate Race Updates for October 19, 2011

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
  • Ted Cruz appeared on the Mike Berry radio show:

    Great line: “Where is it written that Republicans have to be spineless jellyfish?”

  • Cruz will also be (is?) appearing on the Mark Levin show at 7:30 PM.
  • According to an email from the New Revolution Now folks, Cruz won the straw poll for the Tyler candidate forum, with 39%, Glenn Addison came in second with 30%, Lela Pettinger took third with 18%, and Tom Leppert took fourth with 10% (which is, I think, an improvement from his previous straw poll performances). David Dewhurst, Elizabeth Ames Jones, and Ricardo Sanchez all polled less than 1%. And Jones was scheduled to be at the forum…
  • Leppert’s Q3 FEC report is up.
  • Addison raised $35,059 for the Q3 fundraising quarter. This brings his total fundraising up to $60,486, and he has $35,557 on hand. While that amount will not cause Dewhurst or Cruz to lose sleep, it’s still impressive for a longshot candidate. It’s also more than a third what ostensibly “serious” candidate Ricardo Sanchez raised this quarter, and Addison did it without (as far as I can tell) a professional campaign staff or professional fundraisers. If someone with Addison’s intelligence and drive were competing in the Democratic primary, Sanchez would be in serious trouble…
  • David Dewhurst has reorganized his Senate campaign staff. That’s seldom a sign of overwhelming confidence.
  • A minor Ft. Worth Star-Telegram piece on the Cruz-Dewhurst battle.
  • The Wall Street Journal does a piece on the Tom Leppert-occupy Wall Street story, clarifying that Washington Mutual, upon whose board Leppert sat, didn’t receive a bailout, but that J.P. Morgan Chase, which absorbed WaMu assets at a deep discount after WaMu melted down, did.
  • Pettinger is appearing at a campaign event with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on October 25. Though sponsored by the Clear Lake Tea Party, the even is actually in La Marque.
  • An Andrew Castanuela sighting in Lubbock.
  • Curt Cleaver…hasn’t update his Facebook or Twitter feeds since September 15, preventing me from completing the Republican Senate Candidate Longshot News Perfecta.
  • Still, that’s more recently than Ricardo Sanchez updated his news page.
  • Both Sanchez and Sean Hubbard (according to his Facebook page) will be speaking at the Dallas County Democratic Party’s Annual Fish Fry Friday, October 21. Strangely enough, however, Sanchez’s name is the only one on the flyer.
  • Sorry, absolutely no Stanley Garza news to be had. Believe me, I looked.
  • Finally, according to his Facebook and Twitter feeds, Glenn Addison became a grandfather today. Congratulations!
  • New Poll Shows Cruz and Dewhurst Neck and Neck

    Monday, October 17th, 2011

    The Cruz campaign alerted me to a new poll from the Azimuth Research Group that shows David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz neck and neck. In fact, they show Cruz leading, 32% to 31%, though they note that before rounding, the actual amount is less than 1%, and in any case within the +/-3% margin of error. Tom Leppert was third with 8%, Lela Pittenger as fourth with 5%, and Elizabeth Ames Jones edged out Glenn Addison for fifth, 4% to 3%.

    While this is certainly good news for the Cruz campaign, a few caveats are in order:

  • Azimuth is a relatively new polling organization; in fact, I think they only started doing polling this year. Without a track record to for results in previous elections, there is no way to judge how effective their polling methodology is.
  • One of the polls they did earlier this year showed Ron Paul leading the Presidential race at 22%, substantially higher than any other polling company.
  • That, plus Pittenger coming in fourth, would suggest that the poll disproportionately samples people who are unusually active in politics, and thus not reflective of the actual makeup of Republican primary voters, which would boost Cruz in comparison to Dewhurst.
  • As such, I would take these results with several grains of salt until replicated by one of the more established polling services like Gallup or Zogby.
  • Still, even with those caveats, this is great news for Cruz five months out from the primary, as it shows a huge bump from the PPP poll of a month ago, which showed him at 12%. Even if you think the methodology overstates Cruz’s gain by 50%, that would still put him at 22%, a 10% increase in a single month. The poll was conducted 10/12-10/17, so it might show the effect of Cruz’s National Review cover appearance.

    Outlier or not, I can’t imagine anyone is happy with this result over at the Dewhurst campaign. With his money and name recognition, Dewhurst was supposed to be winning the race running away at this point. He’s not.

    Liveblogging the Austin Texas Senate Candidate Forum

    Saturday, July 30th, 2011

    5:30: I have to duck out for another appointment. Hopefully some further thoughts tomorrow.

    5:29: Pettinger: Will filibuster any new organizations, opposes executive orders, Czar. Would eliminate Dept of Health and Human Services.

    I’m surrounded by several young children who are amazingly well behaved.

    5:26: Q to Addison: Advise and Consent: “What comes to my mind is treaties.” Sounded like trees. Favors fair trade, opposes tree trade. “The government has been in my way for 42 years.”

    5:26: Q to Leppert: Separation of church and state. Hugo Black invented phrase in 1946. Go back to Constitution.

    5:24: “The floodgates must be closed.” Favors legal immigration, opposes illegal immigration.”

    5:22: Q to Addison: Secure the border: Posse Comitatus should be amended to allow citizen capture, Bring troops home from Germany and Japan.” Wild applause. “Obey the law and come in legally.” Addison is passionate speaker, and I wish he was running for lower office.

    5:20: Followup Q. Shouldn’t it be the electorate? Look at John Quincy Adams, who went back to the House to fight slavery.

    5:18: Q to Pettinger: “Support term limits?” “Yes, but we need term limits on bureaucrats.” Eric Holder was there 20 years. Limit time in federal bureaucracy.

    5:17: Spoke on April 15, 2009. Senior thesis based on the 9th and 10th Amendment. Lots of small meetings.

    5:15: Q to Cruz: “It’s vogue to be a Tea Party candidate. How many Tea Parties did you attend when you didn’t speak? Set up chairs, table, etc.” Interesting question.

    5:13: What right does the federal government has to regulate the 2nd Amendment: “No.” “Do we have the right to own a Tomahawk Cruise missile?” “You can take it to ridiculous lengths.”

    5: 12: Q to Leppert: 2nd Amendment. 2nd is the rule. Strong proponent. Basis of our nation.

    5:11: What legislation for commerce clause: “Repeal ObamaCare, shrink the government, pass balanced budget amendment.”

    5:10: Followup to Cruz: How will you meet with citizens: Traveled all over the state to build conservative grass roots army. Stop the Obama agenda.

    5:08: Q to Cruz: Commerce clause, Wickard vs. Fillburn (which Cruz brought up in our interview): “The commerce clause has been the most significant vehicle for the expansion of the federal government.” Worst decision ever, paved way for ObamaCare. Brings back up record again. Look at record leading coalition of states to strike down Endangered Species Act.

    5:07: Pettinger: No elected office, but has lived her values. Not bad response.

    5:03: Q to Pettinger: 14th Amendment birthright citizenship. Originally passed because they were brought here in a murderous way. Not applicable for illegal immigration today. Need to see birth certificate. Need clarification on 14th amendment. May need Const. Amendment.

    5:00: Q to Addison: What department would you eliminate: Dept of Ed, even though that was excluded from Q. Said he worked on local ed board. Also Medicaid. Block grants. “After verifying citizenship, use as you see fit.” States are incubators of democracy. Let states compete. “You can vote state reps out. You can’t vote out a bureaucrat.”

    4:58: Leppert: “Education is the civil rights record of our time. Abolish Dept. of Education.” Use education as an issue. Used on money on scholarships for tough areas. Empower local area, implement choice, real standards.

    4:57: Questioner really wants detail on black outreach. “Make the case for those wanting to climb the ladder. The left’s policies don’t work.”

    Cruz gives his father’s story.

    4:55: Q to Cruz: Republican appeals to “people of color” [I hate that phrase-LP]: “Our future is short-lived if we don’t attract minorities, but you don’t do that by watering down your conservative principles.”

    Cruz: Took lead in intervening in Beaumont gay marriage divorce case.

    Addison: “Do whatever you want in the privacy of your own home, but don’t ruin the godly word of marriage.”

    Leppert: “Marriage is one man and one woman.”

    4:52: Q to Pettinger: Gay marriage amendment. Pettinger: Gay marriage advocates are suing Christians in the marriage industry. We need an amendment.”

    4:52: Addison says he has to have different corporations for his funeral homes, his cemeteries, and his crematoriums.

    4:51: Leppert echos call for flat tax

    4:50: Pettinger: “We need a flat tax. If 10% is good enough for God, it’s good enough for us.”

    4:49: Q to Cruz: “What’s the proper level of taxation?” Cruz: “As low as possible.” Need to move to a flat tax or fair tax.

    4:49: Leppert: A sense of values.

    4:48: Pettinger: “The foundation is firm, the house on it is rickety.”

    4:47: Cruz trots out his Ashcroft bit. “If I’m accused of being a Christian I hope they have enough evidence to convict me.” Ditto for conservatism.

    4:46: Q to Addison: “Defining conservatism” “Federal power must be reduced.”

    Keep in mind these are paraphrasing answers. I can’t type that fast!

    4:45: Pettinger: “I’m the only one who’s given birth. I can stand down the feminists.”

    4:44: Cruz: I fought for the unborn on the Supreme Court.

    4:43: Addison shows cell-phone pic of his unborn daughter.

    4:42: Q to Leppert: “Support overturning Roe v. Wade.” Leppert: Yes.

    4:42: Cruz: “My daughters were born tens of thousands of dollars in debt. The guys fighting the debt have endorsed me.” DeMint, Rand Paul, etc.

    4:41: Addison: “The founding fathers were terribly bothered by debt.”

    4:40: Leppert: “The reality is we have to look at the future obligations, which makes the debt between $70-$90 trillion, $700,000 per household.” [mental typo corrected…]

    4:39: Q to Pettinger: “Proper level of federal debt” “Zero.”

    4:38: Pettinger is a fiery speaker.

    4:37: Q to Cruz: “Define Federalism.” “Limit the size and scope of the federal government. Repeal every syllable of ObamaCare.”

    4:36: “And now for David Dewhurst. Oh wait, he’s not here.”

    4:35: “You’re eligible to be Senator at 30 and there’s not one under 40.”

    4:35: Pettinger: slams recycling of old candidates.

    4:34: Addison is a good speaker. Better than EAJ, who isn’t here.

    4:33: Addison: “I’m tired of having career politicians tell me how to vote.”

    4:32: Seems like he’s trying to cram his regular speech into 90 seconds.

    4:31: Leppert next. Thanks audience for coming out. “We need to be honest. We’re moving toward insolvency.” Slams political class. Speaking a little too fast.

    4:30: Ted Cruz opening remarks. Quotes extensively from Dec. of Independence. Says Obama is “the most radical President in our history.”

    4:29: Still figuring out how to right-click the MacBook trackpad, so forgive any spelling errors.

    4:28: Introducing the interviewers.

    4:27: More tepid for Leppert, loud and boisterous for Pettinger.

    4:26: Good applause for Addison, better for Cruz.

    4:24: This will be the first time I’ve seen Andrew Castanuela [Heard beforehand he would be here, but he wasn’t] and Glenn Addison, and the first time I’ve seen Lela Pettinger on stage.

    4:23: 90 minute introductory remarks, 60 second question answers. Terse.

    4:22: “David Dewhurst won’t be here. I’m assuming he will be auditioning for The Biggest Loser.”

    4:20 PM: Introductory remarks still going on. Co-sponsored by the Austin and Llano Tea Parties.

    Just finished interviewing Ted Cruz. Will attempt to liveblog the Austin Texas Senate Candidate Forum.

    Texas Senate Race Updates for July 18, 2011

    Monday, July 18th, 2011

    A few quick updates on the Texas Senate Race:

  • Dewhurst sounds like he’s in, to be made official “midweek.”
  • So also says the Denton County GOP chair
  • …who will be hosting a Senate forum with Ted Cruz, Tom Leppert, Elizabeth Ames Jones, Lela Pettinger, and (presumably) Dewhurst.
  • Jason Embry in the Statesman joins the chorus of those saying that Cruz has the momentum in the race.
  • Ex-senate candidate Michael Williams Q2 fundraising report is up. He raised a respectable $550,018, which would have been better than his Q1 numbers, but still behind Cruz and Leppert. If he can transfer these funds to his congressional race (I am not a lawyer, but my impression is that he can), then he’ll go into his match with fellow Senate race dropout Roger Williams with a substantial warchest.
  • LinkSwarm for Friday, May 6, 2011: Immigration, the NYT, and Tom Leppert’s SEIU Ties

    Friday, May 6th, 2011

    A small LinkSwarm for a lazy Friday:

  • Mickey Kaus: “Why do these Democrats tell pollsters that immigrants are a burden because they ‘take our jobs’? Maybe because they do. Just a thought.”
  • The New York Times gets the Texas Senate Race, well, not quite right. “So far, only Republicans have declared in the Senate race.” False. Political neophyte Sean Hubbard has declared for the Democratic nomination, and has been filing his campaign financing reports with the FEC. “At least seven Republicans are vying for the seat being vacated by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.” Technically true but incomplete; there are five declared major candidates (Ted Cruz, Tom Leppert, Michael Williams, Roger Williams, and Elizabeth Ames Jones), three declared longshot candidates (Glenn Addison, Andrew Castanuela, and Lela Pettinger), one withdrawn candidate who filed her wind-down report with the FEC (Florence Shapiro) and one undeclared potential frontrunner (David Dewhurst). Saying “At least seven” makes me wonder exactly who you’re counting…
  • The Race to Replace KBH on Senate candidate Twitter antagonists. “Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite them/And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so on ad infinitum…”
  • From the same source we also learn that Leppert asked for, and received, the endorsement of the far-left SEIU.
  • More on Leppert’s SEIU support from the horse-mouth, SEIU Texas political coordinator Shannon Perez in the lefty Dallas Observer:

    “The Republican primary voters of the state of Texas need to know the truth about Tom Leppert.
    When he first ran for Mayor, as a moderate and a supporter of working men and women, he was pro-SEIU, pro-public employees organizing, pro-collective bargaining.
    So committed to these ideals was Tom, that he vigorously pursued SEIU’s endorsement.
    So committed to these ideals was Tom, that he came to our union organizing launch in the Water Department — encouraging folks to join SEIU. So committed to these ideals was Tom, he frequently threw on an SEIU T-shirt and came to our union hall…Tom even signed an SEIU membership card!

    Tom, Tom, Tom, it makes it hard to take your Second-Coming-of-Ronald-Reagan rhetoric seriously when stuff like this keeps tumbling out of your closet. Is it too late for you to switch to the Democratic Primary? You’ve already got a huge lead over Sean Hubbard…