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Damn It Feels Good to Be a Clinton

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

The Ted Cruz team hits it out of the park with this one…

New Pro-Romney Ad: “The Dinner Table”

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Take a gander at the latest ad from American’s for Prosperity:

Not only does it work for me, it has a subtle, minimalist brilliance that not only makes it stick in the mind, but makes it hard to fight. What are liberals going to say? “No, unemployment isn’t high?” “No, middle class families aren’t suffering?” “No, it’s all Bush’s fault?” “No, let’s keep doing the same thing?” The very lack of dialog all but eliminates attack vectors against it, and any attacks against it will only make more people watch it.

I got this via Ace of Spades who, strangely enough, doesn’t like it. A commentator suggests that it’s because it stresses feelings over facts. But if facts and figure by themselves swayed the majority of voters, Obama would never have been elected President, and would stand no chance now.

If you have liberal friends on Facebook, chances are that they’re not forwarding links that show how objectively great a job Obama is doing. No, what they’re doing is forwarding links designed inflame fellow liberals with what horrible people Republicans are by focusing on the stupid things said by a few Republican office-holders. (Todd Aiken before, Paul Broun this week.) It’s meant to distract from Obama’s manifest failures by making the opposition evil incarnate. Political ads play on emotions because playing on emotions works.

Which isn’t to say it’s the only advertising you should be doing. But as part of a larger advertising strategy I think this particular ad is very effective.

You know what they could do to make liberals really crawl of their skin? Do the exact same ad with a black family.

Proposed Romney Ad: Burying the American Dream

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

FADE IN: Long shot of funeral.

CUT TO: Shot of Obama in a black suit standing near an open grave.

Obama: The American Dream enjoyed over 200 years of life.

CUT TO: Men with Obama For America t-shirts with shovels picking up dirt from a pile labeled DEFICIT SPENDING and tossing it down into the grave.

Obama: But it’s time for us to bury it today. It’s outlived its usefulness.

CUT TO: Several young children at the bottom of the grave, already partially buried, as dirt rains down on their heads.

Child: Wait, we’re not dead! Stop burying us!

CUT To: Obama.

Obama: It was a fine dream, but we have to move on to another dream: Of a government welfare state present at every moment of every American’s lives…

CUT TO: Men shoveling in more dirt.

Obama: From the cradle…

CUT TO: Children in hole.

Obama:…to the grave.

Children: Stop! Just give us a chance! We want our dreams too!

CUT TO: Obama.

Obama: Farewell American dream. It was nice while it last.

CUT TO: Children in grave.

Children: Stop! Stop!

CUT TO: Long shot of funeral, as the men continue to fill the grave.

Children: (screaming) STOOOOOOOP!


Anyone know the best way to send this to Romney, Restore Our Future, or American Crossroads?

Best Presidential Campaign Ads of the Last 30 Years

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

So Mitt Romney’s campaign has taken Obama’s yawning gaffe and run with it, producing a dozy of an ad called “These Hands”:

I like it!

But people calling it “the best political ad in 30 years” are overselling it. Even if you’re just looking at Presidential ads, there are several I think are a lot more effective.

Here’s the Dukakis Tank ad from George H. W. Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign:

Here’s Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’s devastating ad against John Kerry, using his own words against him in 2004:

(By the way, whenever you hear someone on the left saying that one of their candidates has been “swiftboated,” it means is “Republicans have attacked them effectively with the truth.”)

Here’s Ronald Reagan’s Bear in the Woods campaign from 1984.

And here’s Reagan’s Morning in America ad:

Any I missed?