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Thoughts on Rape in Sweden

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Pat Condell offers some pungent thoughts on the connection between mass Muslim immigration and rising rape statistics in Sweden:

Is Sweden the rape capital of Europe? Indeed, this BBC report confirms it, though they claim that it’s an artifact of how the statistics are kept.

However, I’m finding a hard time finding official statistics to verify what percentage of rapes are committed by immigrants or by the children of immigrants. (I have seen these statistics referred to in some discussions, but have not been able to locate them directly.) There does seem to be evidence that immigrants are “five times more likely to be investigated for sex crimes.” But that’s from 2005. Are Muslims committing the majority of rapes in Sweden? It seems entirely possible, but I don’t want to fall prey to my own confirmation bias.

Of course, since Sweden has fined Michael Hess for making a connection between Islam and rape, one can understand why published statistics could be hard to come by. Especially since “the question of whether Michael Hess’s statement is true, or at least for Michael Hess appeared to be true, is irrelevant to the proceedings.”

Anyone have any better sources?

While I Grapple With Rotherham, Pat Condell Brings The Noise

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

So I keep try to pen a coherent essay on the Rotherham child rape scandal, and I keep getting too angry and/or disgusted to write about it.

Pat Condell has no such problem.

“If your 11 year-old daughter is regularly raped by organized gangs of Pakistani Muslim men, should you be concerned?”

“This is how we roll in multicultural England, a green and pleasant land of tolerance, diversity, and Pakistani Muslim child rape gangs.”

The reason these rapes were deliberately ignored year after year is because they were carried out by Pakistani Muslims, and because the police and social services in Rotherham are run by a bunch of cowardly ‘progressive’ cultural self-haters and racists who are so morbidly terrified of being called racist they will willingly sacrifice 1400 children to sexual predators, and then try to silence anyone who draws attention to it.

View the whole thing.

LinkSwarm for September 8, 2014

Monday, September 8th, 2014

A Monday LinKSwarm to kick off your week with:

  • Surprise, surprise, surprise: Obamacare discourages work.
  • Media: ObamaCare is fading as an issue. GOP strategists: LOL.
  • “Obama has overseen a shocking decline in America’s standing in the world. Everyone is mad at, or disappointed in, the United States.” As far as I can tell, Obama’s foreign policy is to do nothing until Americans are killed, and then to do nothing some more…
  • More on the theme:

    “Obama says what he has to say to make reporters stop asking about it.”

  • Rotherham: “The local government tolerated sexual violence on a vast scale. Why? In part, because the criminals who committed these sickening acts were Muslims from the local Pakistani community, and noticing their depravity was considered insensitive at best, racist at worst.”
  • Illegal alien “children” with gray hair enrolling in public schools since the Obama Administration won’t let school districts check their ages.
  • After more than five years of Obama, the Los Angeles Times asks “Is economic stagnation the new normal?”
  • Obama starts the latest poker round by showing Putin his hole cards.
  • Iran bans women from many university courses. Now remind me what this whole “war on women” is about again…
  • Interview with the woman who runs the only Arabic language magazine of sex and erotica. Good luck with that…
  • Thanks to The Magic Power of Socialism, Venezuela is now importing oil.
  • Hey, remember when Bush attended three fundraisers and a wedding during the middle of the invasion of Iraq? Me neither.
  • “However stupid the creation of the euro was, undoing it will not be easy.”
  • UC Berkley wants to make sure “we can only exercise our right to free speech insofar as we feel safe and respected in doing so.” “And by ‘contentious’ speech, we mean ‘non-liberal’ speech. Or, as we like to refer to them, ‘hate crimes.’”
  • Military rifles, armor, and ammo sent to numerous Texas school districts. If anyone knows why Texarkana ISD needs a SWAT team, I’m all ears…
  • In a shocking and unexpected development, I actually agree with Keith Olbermann about something. Namely the idea that it was amazingly stupid for the Huffington Post to hire Donte “9/11 Truther” Stallworth to be a “National Security Fellow.”
  • This weekend there were numerous protests to wage fast food wages. What’s behind them? $3 million in union money.
  • Huffingotn Post fooled by scam story. Clip this headline out and save it and I’m sure you’ll be able to make use of it in the years to come…
  • Mandy Nagy, AKA “Liberty Chick,” is recovering from surgery following a stroke.
  • A little fun via the #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly tag:

  • Egypt Update for July 2, 2013

    Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

    The lines are drawn, and the curses are cast. Both the people as a whole and the military have proclaimed that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood must step down. Morsi, in turn, has told them to get stuffed. I’m seeing more sources saying that police are coming over to the protester’s side. Without the military and the police, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood don’t stand a chance to stay in power, though they can still make forcing them out a very bloody affair.

    Other Egypt news:

  • The Egyptian army says that if it takes over, it will dissolve parliament and rewrite the constitution.
  • How Morsi and his fascist Muslim Brotherhood cronies managed to screw up so many things so quickly.
  • Sensing the tide, Egypt’s foreign minister is the latest rat to leave Morsi’s sinking ship.
  • Three government spokesmen have also left.
  • Mohamed ElBaradei is back as the consensus opposition figurehead.
  • Obama seems to be slowly shifting from being on the wrong side to ineffectually telling everyone to play nice.
  • A bit on Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.
  • An ABC report on the size of the June 30 crowds.
  • Rape gangs continue to attack female journalists.
  • All Rape Ended Forever! Hooray!

    Thursday, March 7th, 2013

    In one of those astonishing, once-in-a-lifetime social revolutions, we finally have the means to end rape for all time!

    Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell has come up with a surefire strategy to eliminate rape: simply “telling men not to rape women.”

    Genius! Why hasn’t anyone though of this before? Simply tell men not to commit rape! Why hasn’t anyone thought of this???

    Just start adding “Don’t rape women” to the elementary school instructions on how to put on condoms! Problem solved!

    Soon America will be every bit as “rape free” as Gun Free Zones are gun free!

    This Week in Jihad for January 13, 2011

    Thursday, January 13th, 2011

    Time for another installment of This Week in Jihad.

    Please note that these weekly installments are only a sampler of Jihad-related news from around the world, and that I skim a lot more stories than I post here. One reason is that, from Africa to Indonesia, regular Jihad-related violence is depressingly frequent. So I don’t report every suicide bombing or honor killing that goes on. There’s just too much to keep up with.

    However, given Jared Lee Loughner’s shooting spree in Tucson, I thought I would change that for this week’s roundup, to provide glimpses of places in which political and religious violence are the rule rather than the exception. So here’s a list of all the deadly incidents related to Islam I could find mention of from this past week:

    1. Suicide bomb kills 18 at a police station in Pakistan.
    2. Suicide bomber kills two on bus in Afghanistan.
    3. Two killed, six wounded in Taliban attack.
    4. Off-duty policeman shoots a 71-year old Christian man dead on a bus in Egypt.
    5. Jihadis open fire in a bar, killing seven in Nigeria.
    6. That follows hot on the heels of 11 people being killed in Jos, Nigeria.
    7. Jihadist suicide bomber kills 17 at bathhouse in Afghanistan.
    8. Couple axed to death in Punjab, India.
    9. Man killed and mutilated in honor killing in Multan, Iran. “Murtaza’s ears, lips, tongue, nose were sliced his eyes were gouged out with a knife before his head was severed.”
    10. Ireland suffers its first honor killing.
    11. Iraqi police chief killed by a roadside bomb.
    12. Six NATO soldiers killed Wednesday in Afghanistan.
    13. The figure above presumably includes U.S. Private Benjamin Moore, killed by an IED.
    14. The figure presumably does not include Marine Lance Cpl. Ryan Giese, killed on Friday.
    15. Nor that of Private First Class Robert Near, also killed in Afghanistan on Friday.
    16. Finally, I count two more names on this list of the fallen, for the time period specified, not including those killed 1/12: SPC Ethan C. Hardin and PFC Ira B. Laningham IV (the latter of Zapata, Texas).

    If I’m counting correctly, that brings the total, just for this week, up to 73. There could be twice that many I didn’t have time to search out yet, either from the Foreign Policy/Jihad sources listed to the right (JihadWatch was, as always, invaluable) or just doing a Google search. And there could be twice (or ten, or even a hundred) times as many Jihad-related killings that didn’t make news reports. I did not include Iran’s execution of five accused drug-smugglers in the total. Nor any of the other 46 executions the Islamic Republic of Iran has carried out in the last 20 days.

    Other Jihad-related tidbits:

    This Week in Jihad

    Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

    I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Now back to a less happy task: rounding up jihad-related news over the last week:

    (Hat tip: The usual suspects under “Jihad” on your right.)

    As a side note, I would be interested to hear if anyone actually finds these weekly roundups useful. I put these up and get very little feedback on them…

    This Week in Jihad for November 24, 2010

    Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    Sadly, Jihad doesn’t wait for American holidays, so here’s a roundup of related news:

    A Walking Case for the Death Penalty

    Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

    Houston man convicted of raping a four-year old to death.

    Everyone Draw Mohammed Day Creator Molly Norris Goes Into Hiding

    Saturday, September 18th, 2010

    Molly Norris, the cartoonist who created Everybody Draw Mohammed Day as a joke, has now gone into hiding because American-born, Yemen-based imam Anwar al-Awlaki has put a fatwa on her head. As the WSJ asks: Where’s Obama standing up for her First Amendment rights?

    In other news, award-winning science fiction writer Elizabeth Moon has enraged some of the usual suspects (including one deploying the classic “but-but-but Pope Alexander II” fallacy) by pointing out that modern Islam has some problems as part of a larger essay on citizenship, with which there is much to agree. (I do take exception to her passing comments about “Libertarians, survivalists, Tea-Partyers” being people whose “whose goals benefit only their own group;” as smaller government and lower budget deficits are indeed goals that would benefit United States citizens as a whole. And survivalists need only bring up Katrina, Ike, etc., to point out that people with sources of functional food, communication, transportation, etc., in an emergency greatly benefit the community as a whole as well.) I thought about posting this on my non-political blog, where I cover a lot of science fiction topics, but thought it fit in better over here.

    As long as we’re on the topic of The Religion of Peace™, there are ten time as many antisemitic hate crimes in the U.S. as anti-Islamic hate crimes. (Figures are from 2008, the most recent for which the FBI has released figures.) As for Europe, some may find it appalling that every single “assault rape” committed in Oslo, Norway between 2007-2009, “the offender was a non-Western immigrant.”

    At some point in the future, I hope to touch on the topic of why Islamists have become the most sacred group in the American Far-Left Pantheon of Victimization (perhaps one could ask Lynne F. Stewart, assuming you could contact her during visiting hours while serving her 10-year sentence for aiding and abetting terrorists), but this post is already long enough as is…

    (BTW, I have some of Elizabeth’s books for sale over on at Lame Excuse Books for those of you who read science fiction.)