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Leland Yee and Shrimp Boy Chow:
The Story That Keeps Giving

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

There’s just no end to the Leland Yee/Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow arms trafficking story, so here are some updates and tidbits:

  • Yee is out on $500,000 bond, his passport has been confiscated, and he’s been told not to leave California. I dunno about you, but $500,000 seems low for someone accused of running a major arms trafficking ring. Good thing Chinese tongs have never been known to smuggle people in or out of a country illegally…
  • Yee also withdrew from the California Secretary of State race. There goes the “any publicity is good publicity” theory…
  • Democrats were all for keeping convicted felon Rod Wright around as a state senator, but now that Yee is making all the wrong headlines, suddenly they want to kick Yee out because he was indicted.
  • Yee was honored last week by the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.
  • A quick rundown on all the key players.
  • And an even quicker look at all the charges.
  • The indictment on Shrimp Boy’s misdeeds: “Chow’s criminal history includes a guilty plea in federal court for racketeering, involving murder for hire, conspiracy to distribute heroin, arson, and conspiracy to collect extensions of credit.” 1. Shrimp Boy is obviously well-rounded, 2. “conspiracy to collect extensions of credit”? YOU MONSTER! (Actually, I’m guessing this may be loan sharking.)
  • Also indicted is a Alan Chiu, who is described as a “close associate” of Chow and is “employed by Men’s Warehouse.” Well, now we know where Shrimp Boy gets all of those natty outfits…
  • Kongphet Chanthavong is described as a Thai citizen with a felony conviction and “an outstanding warrant of deportation; however, country conditions preclude deportation.” What? Which country’s conditions? Ours, because Obama refuses to enforce immigration law, or Thailand? If the later, just get him a one way-ticket to Bangkok and let Thai officials deal with him. Problem solved.
  • Marlon Darrell Sullivan was indicted on narcotics trafficking, gun trafficking, and the murder-for-hire scheme. I’m guessing it’s this Marlon Sullivan, who represents football players Matt Toeaina, Jonathan Fanene, and Pat Williams, and boxer Karim Mayfield. I was unfamiliar with Mayfield until I ran across his name this morning. Where? On Chow’s Facebook page.

    Just how does a sports agent wake up one day and say to himself: “You know, the agent business is good and all, but I really want to break into the lucrative world of contract killing”?

    Maybe because he never left the street. “Marlon Sullivan, according to the federal affidavit, told undercover agents he’d have no trouble pulling off a ‘hit’, saying ‘I got a hundred niggas, I still got my ties to the street. I got young boys who love me.’”

    Also this: “As I write, Sullivan’s whereabouts are unknown. He did not appear at the hearing where more than 20 of the defendants were arraigned.”

  • Yee traveled in the circles you would expect a California state senator to travel in:

    He evidently has friends on the South Side:

    (In case you don’t get the reference, that’s singer Moby. Kids, ask your parents what a “Moby” was…)

  • Lee has a Twitter account.

    Oh my:

  • Iowahawk goes to town on the story (no doubt in a souped-up dragon tong roadster):

  • Iowahawk also pointed out this gem of an Los Angeles Times headline: “For Democrats, politicians in handcuffs point to image problems.”
  • But that’s not the only supergenius headline they offer up on the case. There’s also this sparkling example of the headline-writer’s art: “Leland Yee indictment may mark abrupt end to his political career.” Really? You think? Then again, he is a Democrat. Convictions couldn’t fully derail Marion Barry or Alcee Hastings careers…
  • All the story needs to take it to the next level is Lo Pan casting fireballs from his fingers…

    In Which I Get Into A Twitter Fight With Keith Olbermann

    Monday, February 24th, 2014

    So word came down that Piers Morgan’s shown on CNN is ending. At which point I quipped:

    Enter Mr. Olbermann himself, who I like to imagine scanning Twitter in a darkened room while wearing an off-brand superhero costume. “Peasants? Making fun of me??? I will be avenged!

    I don’t think I ever received replies to these two.

    RE: That public access show in Akron:

    Nothing says “up to date” like referencing a TV show that went off the air when I was four…

    Back on the subject of the Current TV lawsuit:

    Afternoon Ukraine Update For February 20, 2014

    Thursday, February 20th, 2014

    A super-brief update on Ukraine:

  • Current conformed death toll for recent fighting at 67, unconfirmed at 100 dead.
  • Euromaidan captures 67 policemen.
  • EU agrees to impose sanctions, including asset freezes and visa bans. It’s a start. Refusing to pay for any Russian oil or gas until democracy is restored in Ukraine would have a lot bigger effect…
  • Map of Russian gas pipelines in Ukraine. I differ with Zero Hedge in that I don’t think this is an all-encompassing explanation for the conflict…
  • Forget Sochi; Ukraine shows that it’s the same old Russia: “At the heart of the battle lies a fundamental question: Is Ukraine a free nation or is it a piece of Moscow — a piece on Putin’s chessboard?”
  • Obama’s White House: months late and several dollars short on Ukraine.
  • Video

    Battle footage with CNN talking heads:

    More random fight footage:

    Military base torched:

    More Tweets

    And holy fark is Gary Kasperov pissed:

    Morning Ukraine Update for February 20, 2014: Mass Gunfire and Violence in Kiev

    Thursday, February 20th, 2014

    So much for that truce:

    Central Kyiv turned into a war zone on Feb. 20, with indiscriminate shooting, burning fires and the mass evacuations of government buildings.

    At least 35 people were reported dead by noon, bringing the total count to at least 61 persons this week.

    It became increasingly clear that both sides have lost control of the streets across Ukraine as reports of deaths, looting, and violent attacks poured in.

    Foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland, walked into a meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych around noon with one message on the agenda: you have to stop the violence now, and the quickest way to do it is to resign.

    Yanukovych’s snipers are now shooting people in the streets:

    Death toll now over 50 in latest clashes. I’m sure it will go higher. (Hat tip: Instapundit.)



    The Deep, Deep Gun Control Convictions of Unite Blue Head Becky Carrizales

    Thursday, February 13th, 2014

    Is there any better example of the steadfast political convictions of liberals than Unite Blue chief Becky Carrizales’s convictions on gun control?

    Twitchy and @eriContrarian shed initial light on the subject, but a closer look at Carrizales’s Twitter account gives definitive evidence of her deep, principled gun control advocacy:

    She also tweeted this, which gives an extra dose of irony:

    She also seems to know all about setting a high-minded, respectful tone for debate:

    And now? Naturally the Unite Blue director would be outraged at Wendy Davis standing with those “disgusting sick animals” at the NRA and pushing for open carry, right?

    Eh, not so much.

    But Carrizales does realize one important truth: Wendy Davis has always been at war with Eurasia.

    I Have Heard The Feminists Trolling, Each To Each…

    Friday, January 31st, 2014

    Feminism’s Twitter extremists have gotten so toxic that that infamous organ of right-wing patriarchal oppression, The Nation, actually took notice. I recommend the article by Michelle Goldberg not only for the schadenfreude, but also numerous glimmers of actual facts and insights breaking free of the politically correct morass. It examines the rage-war of victimhood identity politics through the very language purveyors of that mindset wish to impose.

    Even an achingly politically correct feminist conference generates a response “so vitriolic, so full of bad faith and stubborn misinformation, that it felt like some sort of Maoist hazing.”

    Online, however, intersectionality is overwhelmingly about chastisement and rooting out individual sin. Partly, says Cooper, this comes from academic feminism, steeped as it is in a postmodern culture of critique that emphasizes the power relations embedded in language. “We actually have come to believe that how we talk about things is the best indicator of our politics,” she notes. An elaborate series of norms and rules has evolved out of that belief, generally unknown to the uninitiated, who are nevertheless hammered if they unwittingly violate them. Often, these rules began as useful insights into the way rhetorical power works but, says Cross, “have metamorphosed into something much more rigid and inflexible.” One such rule is a prohibition on what’s called “tone policing.” An insight into the way marginalized people are punished for their anger has turned into an imperative “that you can never question the efficacy of anger, especially when voiced by a person from a marginalized background.”

    Or, as I call it, the “get out of debate free” card. Also known as the “I don’t have to be polite because I’m marginalized, you racist!” card.

    “But the expectation that feminists should always be ready to berate themselves for even the most minor transgressions—like being too friendly at a party—creates an environment of perpetual psychodrama, particularly when coupled with the refusal to ever question the expression of an oppressed person’s anger.”

    Just change the word “feminists” to “anyone who disagrees with a Social Justice Warrior” and you’ll have a pretty good picture of their permanent rage-fest tactics.

    Requisite The Nation en passant bashing of name-brand conservatives for imagined transgressions? Check.

    “I’m not going to stop using the word ‘vagina’ for anybody, whether it’s Glenn Beck or Mike Huckabee or somebody on Twitter who feels it creates a dysphoric response,” she tells me. “I can’t do that and still advocate for reproductive freedom. It’s just not a realistic thing to expect.”

    If Beck or Huckabee has actually asked people to stop using the word “vagina” it has escaped my notice. But they’re only name-checked here as designated hate-fetish objects designed to burnish the speaker’s progressive bona fides.

    The piece pays special attention to #solidarityisforwhitewomen creator Mikki Kendall, who essentially says white feminists have all their hate coming.

    “Feminism has a mammy problem, and mammy doesn’t live here anymore,” Kendall says. “I know The Help told you you was smart, you was important, you was special. The Help lied.”

    Maybe Kendall isn’t as big of an idiot as the article makes her sound, but if you’re dismissing the concerns of your critics by stereotyping them as cliches out of a fictional movie, then you’re the one being the racist, and you’re the one with the problems.

    Read the whole thing. Here’s a separate cheat-sheet to the participants. And for those who followed the Wiscon/Failfandom wars, it’s no surprise at all that the mob is now trying to get Goldberg fired…

    In Which I TweetFisk Wendy Davis’ Non-Denial Denials

    Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

    Didn’t plan on doing two Wendy Davis pieces in a row, but her latest stream of non-denial denial tweets offered up so many slow, lazy pitches straight over the plate I felt the urge to partake of batting practice:

    Now a few more bonus tweets from other people:

    (Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.)

    Your Obligatory “Wendy Davis is a Damn Liar” Post

    Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

    Everyone and their dog has already chimed in on Wendy Davis’ serial prevarications by now, but hey, it is my state.


    In the Dallas Morning News, political reporter Wayne Slater brought up examples of Davis’ campaign biography that don’t match up with the facts:

    It is her biography — a divorced teenage mother living in a trailer who earned her way to Harvard and political achievement — that her team is using to attract voters and boost fundraising.

    The basic elements of the narrative are true, but the full story of Davis’ life is more complicated, as often happens when public figures aim to define themselves. In the shorthand version that has developed, some facts have been blurred.

    Davis was 21, not 19, when she was divorced. She lived only a few months in the family mobile home while separated from her husband before moving into an apartment with her daughter.

    A single mother working two jobs, she met Jeff Davis, a lawyer 13 years older than her, married him and had a second daughter. He paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University and her time at Harvard Law School, and kept their two daughters while she was in Boston. When they divorced in 2005, he was granted parental custody, and the girls stayed with him. Wendy Davis was directed to pay child support.

    In an extensive interview last week, Davis acknowledged some chronological errors and incomplete details in what she and her aides have said about her life.

    “My language should be tighter,” she said. “I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

    Just try that “my language should be tighter” line if you ever get audited by the IRS.

    Wendy Davis’ campaign biography leans heavily on her time as a single teenage mom. She was indeed all of those things, just not at the same time.

    Other tidbits: When she ran for the Ft. Worth city council in 1996, she did it as a Republican and voted in GOP primaries.

    Also, there’s that little bit about Davis leaving her husband the day after he paid off her Harvard loan. As one Twitter wag put it:

    There are a few other tiny wrinkles to Davis’ life story. The fact her ex sought a restraining order to keep her from using illegal drugs while visiting her children is one. Another is the fact that she lied about some of the details of her life story under oath.

    A few more Twitter observations on the latest Wendy Davis revelations:

    It also doesn’t say much about her intelligence that she thought she could get away with these lies in the Internet era…

    LinkSwarm for August 16, 2013

    Friday, August 16th, 2013

    A Friday LinkSwarm on Friday. Will wonders never cease?

  • Ted Cruz hails from the Republican wing of the Republican Party.
  • Speaking of Cruz: “Cruz acquired his citizenship, at birth, through his mother. He is a natural born US citizen and eligible to be President of the United States. Let us never have to speak of this again.”
  • Victor Davis Hanson does an Obama scandalrama roundup.
  • A few Democrats appear to be defying the idea that Hillary is unbeatable, just like she was in 2008.
  • 163 Ohio poll workers dismissed for that voting fraud that doesn’t exist.
  • Teen complains that Facebook just isn’t like it was when they were 7.
  • Why is Dennis Franz shooting Martin Luther King?
  • Muslim Brotherhood calls on followers to tourch Coptic churches.
  • The Jewish community isn’t wild about Alice Walker’s new book. Uh, guys? Given that Walker believes in David Icke’s shapeshifting lizard people, I’d say rational political discourse isn’t in her wheelhouse.
  • Jesse Jackson Jr. sentenced.
  • Generation parasite.
  • NPR Ombudsmen rips them a new one, but NPR itself stands by the lies: “At NPR, commitment to leftist ideology trumps any fealty to the facts.”
  • Dead Goblin Report, Texas Edition: “A couple of Texas criminals had the tables turned on them when a Texas man — taken as a hostage along with his wife and forced to rob a bank — decided he’d had enough and pulled a gun out of his glove box and shot them, killing one.”
  • Terry McAuliffe: Parasitic tick on the body politic.
  • Ashton Kutcher actually making sense. “Opportunity looks an awful lot like hard work.” Also: No job is beneath you.
  • Dear dumbass: Don’t put out a call on Twitter for people to sell you drugs.
  • Washington Post headline writers evidently have no idea what the word “surreal” means.
  • Speaking of the Post, evidently their biggest problem is that they still have one token conservative on staff.
  • Shut Up White Women!
    (or The #solidarityisforwhitewomen Tag And What It Means)

    Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

    Last night the #solidarityisforwhitewomen tag raced to the top of the Twitter trending chart, treating people not only to an amusing left-on-left slap fight, but also providing a glimpse into the fever swamps of far-left victimhood identity politics.

    It’s an unholy marriage of Marxism and racial identity politics, brewed and decanted among far-left community organizers and tenured faculty members. The basic idea is that victimhood equals saintliness, in that the more of a victim you are, the less of a white capitalist hetronormative patriarchal oppressor you are. (Feel free to add another dozen or so far-left buzzwords to the preceding sentence.) This is done both in order to assert who has the greater moral claim on the spoils of big government, and to cow others and guilt-trip them into giving in to your demands, because black victimhood automatically trumps white privilege, etc. It’s also to keep people firmly ensconced in the left’s group-think herd mentality rather than thinking critically. It’s the language of thought-terminating cliches, designed to end debate by placing those employing it higher on the hierarchy of victimhood than those it is deployed against.

    As for what brought on this hashtag, well, it’s a rich, zesty, resentful stew of left-wing grievance-mongering.

    Part of it seems to be backlash over all the attention lavished on Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg’s “how to have it all by climbing the corporate ladder to CEO and still having children while promoting the sisterhood” book, which seems particularly near and dear to the hearts of white female business writers everywhere.

    Part of it seems to stem from some white feminists actually daring to be critical of radical Islam, which (for complex and mysterious reasons) seems to trump white feminism on the hierarchy of victimhood.

    The topless activists of Femen seem a particular object of their ire:

    For some reason, something Amanda Marcotte did in 2008 still seems to be a fresh wound in the minds of many:

    And it’s just a chance to grind the usual left-wing axes some more:

    And this is particularly gratifying for those of us on the Vast Right Wing:

    It’s also amazing how often some variant “You shut up” is deployed for any white women who happen to have some objection to this mass race-based mobbing.

    The lesson: On the far left, you are not allowed to speak when your superiors on the victim hierarchy chart are speaking. As usual on the far-left, “let’s have a dialog on race” turns out to mean “you’ll shut up and listen while I condemn you, bigot.”

    Of course, underlying all of this is a real truth that none dare speak out loud: The Democratic Party as currently constructed spreads the benefits of its patronage disproportionately to old white politicians and their favored cronies. Just look at the paleness of hue of all those green energy subsidy recipients. Why, think of all the community organizing and diversity consulting sinecures that money could have underwritten! The Pigford scandal is a drop in the bucket by comparison. The Hillary Clintons, Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis are always going to have first call at the trough of big government largess, because that’s the way the Democratic Party’s spoil system works.

    But above all, this blue internecine warfare is designed to do one thing: to keep those on the identity politics left as part of the herd. Those fixated on victimhood and inter-feminist doctrinal differences are far less likely to question why their policies have failed so badly when allowed to run their course in Detroit, or why 72% of blacks are born out of wedlock, thanks in large measure to to the welfare state.

    More commentary from Twitchy.