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LinkSwarm for October 11, 2013

Friday, October 11th, 2013

A LinkSwarm heavy on shutdown-related news:

  • For epitomizing what Democrats have done to Detroit, Kwame Kirkpatrick gets 28 years.
  • Hey Venezuela, how’s that Socialism working out for you? Inflation hits 49.4%. (Hat tip: Prairie Pundit.)
  • Victor Davis Hanson thinks Republicans are winning.
  • ObamaCare, or food?
  • Steyn on the shutdown. “The conventional wisdom of the U.S. media is that Republicans are being grossly irresponsible not just to wave through another couple trillion or so on Washington’s overdraft facility.”
  • Catholic priests prohibited from giving Mass.
  • The revolving door between the Democratic Party and the IRS.
  • How the GOP establishment tried to seize control of Freedomworks.
  • The Magic of Obama: White House gift shop goes bankrupt.
  • Department of Fish & Wildlife lift ban minutes before North Dakota files lawsuit.
  • Le Pen poised to win European Parliament elections? That’s Marine Le Pen, or Le Pen: The Next Generation.
  • Five years after the meltdown, families still hoarding cash.
  • Kent Hance to retire as Texas Tech Chancellor. Hance’s political career is in many ways emblematic of the evolution of Texas politics, starting out as a conservative Democrat, elected to the state Senate in 1974, defeating George W. Bush for a U.S. congressional seat in 1978, played key roll in backing the Kemp-Roth tax cuts in 1981, narrowly losing the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate to Lloyd Doggett (who would then get stomped by Phil Gramm in the general election) in 1984, followed Gramm by switching to the Republican Party in 1985, losing the GOP Gubernatorial nomination to an untried Bill Clements in 1986, getting appointed to the Railroad Commission in 1987, winning re-election to it in 1988, and losing to Clayton Williams in the 1990 Republican Gubernatorial primary. He had a long, long career as a bridesmaid…
  • Raising the debt limit means bankrupting your children.
  • “This 20 year old has discovered Sex Is Awesome!!! and just wants us all to know that. Yeah Sugar-Tits we sort of know. We’ve been enjoying it for years, but without quite as much Noob Squeeing about it.”
  • LinkSwarm for May 17, 2013

    Friday, May 17th, 2013

    And here’s another Friday LinkSwarm!

  • A reporter comes out and says the IRS harassed him after he did a tough interview with Obama.
  • The IRS knew about the scandal in 2012, but decided to wait until Obama was safely elected.
  • Why was the press so slow to pick up on so many of Obama’s scandals? Part of it is the media watchdogs are sleeping with the wolves.
  • Eurozone shrinks for sixth consecutive quarter and no one knows what to do about it. Well, that’s not true. I know what to do about it: Cut all budgets until they match receipts, reform the welfare state, and abandon the Euro. But I suspect Eurocrats would prefer another six quarters of shrinkage (at a minimum) before they’re willing to contemplate such heresy…
  • Republican in charge of Hispanic outreach in Florida switches to the Democratic Party. That’s some mighty fine staffing you’ve got going on there, Lou…
  • Nurse Bloomberg, putz that he is, is doing his best to ensure that Republicans take the Senate.
  • Those 1967 Israel borders liberals are always harping on sure didn’t do anything to prevent war.
  • Hugo Chavez’s socialist paradise is running out of toilet paper.
  • Dear Depressed People: There’s a tiny chance everything isn’t hopeless bullshit.
  • Hugo Chavez Now Deader Than the Fifth International

    Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

    Venezuela’s leftist dictator Hugo Chavez dead of cancer.

    All the usual leftists are talking about how “his people” loved him. Well, not the political prisoners or the ones whacked in extrajudicial killings, but, you know, eggs, omelets, death squads. Stuff happens when you’re building a people’s republic.

    Which might explain why he was the least popular leader in Latin America. (Though I doubt they do polling in Cuba. Is it too much to ask that Fidel Castro now die of a broken heart?)

    But what I want to know is: Now that Hugo Chavez is dead, who will lead the Farm Workers Union?

    LinkSwarm for 10/10/10

    Sunday, October 10th, 2010

    A few links for 10/10/10 Sunday: