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Hurricane Irma Update

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

Unlike with Hurricane Harvey, I don’t know the territory well enough to provide any insider insight on the storm. But it’s a big story, and I have a few tidbits of interest.

Current forecasts have Irma sparing the Miami area the brunt of the storm, instead being expected to track up the west coast of Florida. Good for Miami (though it will still get plenty of wind and rain), bad for St. Petersburg and Tampa. It also means people in Tallahassee, Pensacola and Mobile better start prepping for evacuation or riding out the storm, depending on local authorities and how the storm develops.

The Miami Herald has a live tracking page up, as does the New York Times.

There’s also a dedicated @Track_Irma Twitter feed.

More evacuations ordered:

But they’ll have to deal with gas shortages.

Power outages:

Miami and Miami Beach have imposed a 7 PM curfew.

Here’s Miami Herald writer Martin Merzer’s classic guide for reporters on what to do while covering a hurricane. “Don’t use your own car. Rent a car. Despite company policy, take every form of insurance offered by the rental company. Don’t park the car under a lovely old tree or in a low spot near the motel.” (Hat tip: Dwight.)

And here’s a storm route projection video from Mobile, Alabama weatherman Alan Seals, who’s fast becoming the weatherman of choice for hurricane watchers for his clear, concise, no-nonsense delivery.

Shoe0nHead on Why She Was Banned from Buzzfeed

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017

Must be tough, getting kicked out of that wretched hive of scum and villainy….

Houston Flood Update for August 28, 2017

Monday, August 28th, 2017

As now-tropical storm Harvey continues to slowly move eastward, Houston is still recovering. Though experiencing a lull right now, there’s still more rain to come tonight, and runoff will swell rivers and bayous. “Houston is likely to endure heavy rain and catastrophic flooding through Wednesday.”

More mandatory evacuations have been announced for parts of Waller, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties, Conroe, Missouri City, Bay City, and Rosenberg, among others.

The death toll still stands at six. Which happens to be one less than the number killed by violence in Chicago over the weekend.

8:15 a.m.: Corps continuing Addicks, Barker releases

By some measures, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is talking about Harvey not in terms of the storm of the century, but the storm of the millennium for the Houston area.

Balancing flooding and damage on both sides of Addicks and Barker reservoirs, Corps officials said they will continue releases downstream along Buffalo Bayou via the two dams. More than 25 inches of rainfall behind the two mammoth earthen dams has the reservoirs spilling into suburban developments.

“The volume of water flowing into the reservoirs is unprecedented in the dams’ history,” Edmond Russo with the Corps said.

With more rain possible, officials said the best course is send some of the water along Buffalo Bayou. Designed to handle a 1,000 year storm, Russo said in a Monday morning news conference the reservoirs are teetering on exceeding that level of flooding if worst-case rain scenarios occur.

There are almost 100,000 people without power, but 96% of Houstonians do have power. Remember that more than 3 million people lost power after Ike, and for some people it took several weeks to restore, possibly indicating lessons learned.

Hundreds of intersections are still closed due to high water, including just about all of Houston’s freeways.

Many Houston refineries have shut down in the wake of Harvey. This has lead to predictions of skyrocketing gas prices in some quarters, but it will probably only temporarily offset the oil glut, and I would expect most if not all of those will be up and running again within a week.

An explosion and fire at the Lone Star Legal Aid building on Fanin in downtown Houston. No word yet on any injuries or whether it was actually caused by the flood.

More drone footage of flooding:

More flood footage (including, for some reason, non-flood footage at the airport). Some NSFW language and repeats footage at the end for some reason.

Footage From Hurricane Harvey

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has brought lots of destruction and flooding to the Texas coast, but, so far, no reported deaths.

The guy who seems to have gotten the best and most footage of Harvey coming ashore seems to be Jeff Piotrowski, a storm chaser who rode out the storm in his car in Rockport while live-streaming the event.

I think this is a much shorter segment of footage from him:

And here’s footage of the car wash he had his car parked under collapsing:

Here’s footage from Fulton, a small township directly adjoining Rockport on the coast:

Compilation of various footage of the Harvey and its devastation:

Update: Huston Chronicle had pictures of the devastation.

Live coverage from the Corpus Christi Caller-Times.

Update 2: First confirmed death from Harvey: A Rockport citizen died in a house fire.

Hurricane Harvey Update

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Harvey is expected to be a Class III Hurricane by the time it makes landfall on the Texas coast late Friday or early Saturday. Predictions are for as much as 30 inches of rain in some places, as well as up to a 12 foot storm surge in coastal areas.

Mandatory evacuations have been issued for Aransas Pass and Calhoun County, as well as parts of Brazoria and Matagorda Counties.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has preemptively declared 30 counties disaster areas, which automatically makes a lot of state resources available to local officials.

Here’s a list of official closures in the Texas Coastal Bend area.

If you live on or near the Texas coast between Brownsville and Port Lavaca, now would be a darn good to to load up your car, tape your windows, lock your doors and evacuate.

Even in central Texas, be prepared for flooding in low-lying areas, avoid low water crossings, and have adequate food and water supplies in the event of a loss of power.

In short: Don’t be this guy:

CNN Slapped By Their Own Panel: “I don’t trust anything the news media says anymore.”

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

CNN convened a focus group of Trump supporters on Charlottesville, evidently expecting that President Trump’s statement that “both sides were to blame” would cause them to abandon him and repent of their apostasy from the MSM Narrative.

Despite leading, badgering questions from Alisyn Camerota, CNN got a face full of exactly what they weren’t expecting: Continued articulate support for Trump and pushback against the “Saintly Antifa takes on Devilish Neo-Nazis” narrative they’ve been peddling.

A few choice quotes:

  • “I think it’s ridiculous to have me choose between Hitler and Stalin which is what I consider both groups are.”
  • “I don’t trust anything the news media says anymore.”
  • “I think it was a setup. There were busses coming in, with lots of young people. Protestors coming of the same bus, some wearing Black Lives Matter, some wearing KKK shirts.”
  • CNN: “And you trust Facebook more than news organizations?” Panelist: “Oh yeah! Live video from people who shot it? Yeah.”
  • You might want to watch this before CNN realizes just how bad it makes them look and takes it down…

    (Hat tip: Zero Hedge.)


    Monday, August 21st, 2017

    Fake news, annoying news, depressing news. Take your pick. For Reasons I’m not inclined to write about any of it today, including the Antifa clown show.

    Laurie: I’m sorry Dan, I invite you out for a few laughs… but there don’t seem to be many laughs around these days.

    Dan: What do you expect? The Comedian’s dead.

    Austin is not in the path of totality for today’s solar eclipse, but we are getting around a 70% solar eclipse that should peak about 1:10 PM CDT.

    So instead of political news, enjoy a little musical interlude:

    “The War George W. Bush Had Won, Barack Obama Had Lost”

    Sunday, August 20th, 2017

    This video is an antidote to the widespread revisionism that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was a debacle from beginning to end and that George W. Bush was responsible for the rise of the Islamic State. One can question the wisdom of many decisions involved in the conduct of the that war, but the fact is that The Surge had largely succeeded in pacifying Iraq and that the country was functioning quite well by the very lose standards of the Middle East before Barack Obama withdrew American troops, facilitating the rise of the Islamic State.

    (Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.)

    Game of Thrones: Libertarian Edition

    Saturday, August 5th, 2017

    Pretty much what you’d expect…

    ShoeOnHead’s Feminist Makeup Tutorial

    Sunday, July 30th, 2017

    Today in my ongoing Lazy Sunday Video Content Series, ShoeOnHead takes on a “feminist makeup tutorial”:

    Shotgun, meet barrel of fish…