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LinkSwarm for June 28, 2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

It’s supposed to hit a 106° in Austin today. Sadly, not all of these links will help you keep your cool…

  • 12 different IRS offices targeted conservatives.
  • Over 1,100 patients were starved to death at NHS hospitals in the UK. Funny, I don’t remember that being mentioned in the Olympic tribute to how awesome NHS is…
  • Marco Rubio aide: We need illegal alien amnesty because American workers suck.
  • Blue collar Americans having trouble finding jobs. I’m sure that has nothing to do with our ruling political elite’s decision to allow unlimited illegal immigration of unskilled workers…
  • Every Republican voting for amnesty better get ready for a primary challenge.
  • Obama camapign workers convicted of voter fraud in Indiana. This was for the 2008 Democratic primary, so it will likely be many years before see starting seeing convictions for the Obama campaign’s various 2012 voting fraud efforts…
  • Noam Chomsky attending the opening of Hezbollah’s “Death to Israel” theme park.
  • People told me that if I voted for Romney, the U.S. military would start blocking access to liberal news sources. And they were right!
  • The Atlantic says that Obama “succeeded” in Libya but is failing in Syria. If Benghazi was success, I’d hate to see what failure looks like.
  • And speaking of Benghazi, Libya just let one of the suspected attackers walk. Thank God we have Obama’s smart, sophisticated diplomacy in the Middle East…
  • Beer now unaffordable in Greece. And you thought they had riots before…
  • Second Colorado Democrat faces a recall election over gun control.
  • Magpul to give away 1,500 30-round magazines just two days before Colorado outlaws them.
  • By the way, there’s a Facebook page to show support for bringing Magpul to Texas. But most of the rumors I hear have them moving to Wyoming.
  • The Amarillo Globe-News has a message for gun manufacturers thinking of relocating to Texas: Come on down!
  • Texas executes its 500th murderer. Don’t mess with Texas. Or we will end you.
  • Speaking of ending you: Don’t try to commit armed robbery in a concealed carry state.
  • Nurse Bloomberg continues to underwrite anti-gun ads, shoot himself in the foot. (Hat tip: Alphecca.
  • In order to prove vegans aren’t a creepy cult, website seeks to out and harass lapsed vegans.
  • The Onion channels Jay Carney: “Well, Time To Go Out In Front Of A Bunch Of People And Lie To Them.”
  • The mystery of Lori Ruff, AKA Becky Sue Turner. No one know who she actually is…
  • LinkSwarm for April 23, 2012

    Monday, April 23rd, 2012

    I have a few major posts in various stages of gestation, so here’s a LinkSwarm to tide you over in the meantime:

  • Mark Steyn on our heroic Secret Service agents: “It’s not just the entitlements. Everywhere you look in the bloated federal Leviathan, all is waste, all is excess. But the absurd imperial presidency is a good place to start. The next citizen-executive of this republic would be sending a right message were he to halve the motorcade, halve the security detail, halve the hookers.”
  • Does Obama have an $8 billion slush fund to soften the impact of cuts to the Medicare Advantage program until after the election? (Hat tip: Alphecca.)
  • Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti OKs marriage for ten year old girls. Insert your own Aisha joke here.
  • The story of the FBI’s long-running PATCON operation in the 1990s, and how it never managed to result in any serious charges (and missed Timothy McVigh to boot). (Hat tip: Supsy Street.)
  • The former President of the Maldives claims that Obama approved of the Islamist coup that deposed him. I’m not sure that’s the case, since it’s obvious that Obama doesn’t know where the Maldives are located.
  • George Washington kicks Rommel’s ass. (Hat tip: An American Housewife, Formerly in London.)
  • Pew Survey: GOP-sympathizers are better informed, more intellectually consistent, more open-minded, more empathetic and more receptive to criticism than their fellow Americans who support the Democratic Party.” (Hat tip: Alphecca.)
  • Voter fraud in Virginia. (Hat tip: Ace.)
  • An oldie, but still relevant why America hates the media.
  • Cyberattack on Iran’s oil industry?
  • Why did the South lose the Civil War?
  • Borepatch reports on the Dallas Blogshoot. I was too busy and it was a bit too long of a drive for me to make. Which is a shame, since I would have liked to try some of the machine guns, and the .50 cal. Bonus: Ponies!
  • Some Texas Counties Have More Registered Voters Than Vote-Eligable Citizens

    Monday, April 9th, 2012

    According to this article in the Houston Chronicle, “Sixteen small counties across Texas appear to have more registered voters on their rolls as of 2010 than qualified citizens of voting age.”

    In a completely unrelated story, the Obama Administration opposes Texas’ voter ID act. I’m sure this is a highly principled stand that has nothing to do with making it easier for illegal aliens to vote.

    Interestingly, six of those sixteen counties (Brooks, Culberson, Duval, Kenedy, Maverick, Presidio) were among the 28 Texas counties Obama won in 2008.

    As the icing on top of the voter fraud cake, here’s James O’Keefe (who you may know from such classics as ACORN’s Hardest Working Pimp) obtaining Eric Holder’s ballot.

    And the cherry? “I’ll be back faster than you can say furious.”

    LinkSwarm for Friday, August 5, 2011

    Friday, August 5th, 2011

    The last six days of blogging have been pretty packed, so here’s a LinikSwarm for a lazy (and very hot) Friday:

  • Christopher Hitchens on Turkey. He glosses over the fact (maybe he only had so many words) that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk could be quite a murderous bastard himself when it suited his interests…
  • Amazon isn’t the problem in California. “How perverse is it when wanting to keep money that you’ve earned is considered being greedy?”
  • Either I missed this when it was announced, or the MSM didn’t cover it, but Mississippi NAACP executive Lessadolla Sowers was convicted of ten counts of voting fraud in April.
  • Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated story, Democrats continue to oppose Voter ID bills, and even trotted out Bill Clinton to play the race card.
  • Here’s a movie about an an Islamic punk band with female and gay members who drink beer and smoke pot. Sadly, and predictably, it’s completely fictional.
  • Fannie Mae is back to what it does best, i.e. losing taxpayer money.
  • You may remember my previous mention of the new definition of “flash mobs,” i.e. large groups of black youths that gather together to commit crimes and then disperse. Evidently they’re a big enough problem in Cleveland that they passed an ordinance to crack down on the phenomena, which was vetoed. Alas, from the description, the Ohio ACLU is probably correct in calling it “both ineffective and unconstitutional.”
  • Flash mobs also seem to be a problem in Philadelphia.
  • And Chicago.
  • And just last week in Greensboro, NC.
  • In fact, it’s a big enough issue that the National Retail Federation has issued guidelines on how to deal with it.
  • 117 House Races in Play?

    Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

    Over at NRO’s Campaign Spot, Jim Geraghty lists a whopping 117 House races in play. His list includes all of the races I highlighted as as competitive, as well as two from my list of longshots:

    • Joseph Donnelly vs. Jackie Walorski for Indiana’s second congressional district.

    • Barney Frank vs. ex-Marine Sean Bielat for Massachusetts’ Fourth Congressional District.

    Republicans aren’t leading all those races, and there’s no guarantee they’ll actually win the ones they are leading, and even beyond that there’s no guarantee that if they do win, it will be outside the margin of the usual Democratic fraud.

    Says Geraghty:

    My current assessment is in line with the conventional wisdom: Roughly 100 seats are in play under the broader definition, and it’s hard to see Republicans winning fewer than 40 of them. The ceiling depends on how angry the country is on November 2, but it is pretty darn high . . . 60? 70? 80?

    The possible peak of the wave keeps getting larger…

    25% of Massachusetts Voters Expect ACORN to Commit Election Fraud

    Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

    According to left-leaning Public Policy Polling. Also, even 1 in 6 Democrats expect ACORN to commit election fraud.

    Funny, all those Democratic apologists loudly claiming that “registration fraud doesn’t equal voting fraud” don’t seem to be changing the minds of voters who have to suffer the continuing indignity of only casting a single vote…