Texas Senate Race Update for April 12, 2012

Reminder: I will be liveblogging the Texas Senate debate here tomorrow at 7 PM. Feel free to drop by for insightful commentary, snarky asides, and no doubt a veritable cavalcade of deeply embarrassing typos.

Now this week’s Senate race news:

  • Ted Cruz decries Obama’s understanding of the constitution over at NRO.
  • The Hill picks up on the Ted Cruz-Marco Rubio comparison.
  • Ted Cruz picks up the endorsement of…Pat Boone? Actually it’s in his role as spokesman of the 60 Plus Association. Like Dewhurst’s many business association endorsements, it won’t hurt, but I don’t actually see it swaying anyone’s vote. Unless hipsters suddenly made Pat Boone cool while I wasn’t looking…

  • The Cruz campaign also rolled out a new website to attack Dewhurst with, http://www.dewbious.com/. No new revelations there if you’ve been following the campaign closely.
  • The Houston Chronicle profiles David Dewhurst. Honestly, it’s less interesting for the Dewhurst coverage than the usual liberal MSM talking points scattered throughout, including the classic “or like Perry, whose budget called for cuts to public education that some have labeled extreme.” And by cuts he means “increase” and by “some” he means “all my fellow liberal reporters.”
  • The Dewhurst camp dings, quite properly, Cruz-supporter Dick Armey’s reference to Dewhurst being backed by “Daddy’s money.” Dewhurst’s father died when he was three, and Dewhurst spent time in the Air Force and the CIA before making his own fortune in the oil industry. Armey owes Dewhurst an apology, but Cruz does not; receiving someone’s endorsement does not make you responsible for their every dumb statement.
  • Dewhurst agrees to one more candidate forum on May 3, featuring Cruz, Tom Leppert, Craig James and Democrats Paul Sadler and Sean Hubbard.
  • State of play piece in the Houston Chronicle.
  • Dewhurst unveils a new radio ad featuring Mike Huckabee:

  • Tom Leppert unveils a new TV ad:

  • The Texas Tribune notes that Leppert attacked Cruz and Dewhurst, but not Craig James. Well, duh. Why should the guy in third place attack the guy in fourth place?
  • Craig James blasts Cruz for suggesting to him (via text message) he bring up Dewhurst’s constant debate ducking at tomorrow’s debate. A rare misstep for Cruz.
  • Glenn Addison complains about not being included in the debate.
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    1. AHLondon says:

      Don’t know what things look like in Austin, but Cruz signs are popping up all over Houston. I went to the grassroots thing last week and picked up a few signs. My family swiped them by the weekend. He’s starting to come up in casual conversation as well. I like the trend line.

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