Republican Primary on Tuesday, March 2nd: House District 52

Another election season is upon us. If you’re anything like me, down-ballot local races don’t get a lot of my attention until the election is nearly upon me. As partial recompense, I’ll try to through up a few links to southern Williamson County races, starting with Texas House District 52.

Here’s an overview of all Williamson County races from the people at Impact News (which provides a surprisingly good free monthly newspaper).

Here are links to the issue pages of the four candidates respective websites:

And here are some resource links on the race:

Quick and Dirty Analysis: Gonzales is probably the closest to an “insider” in the race, having garnered the most endorsements, and he and Gordon (running as the Christian/social conservative “values I learned from my father” candidate) have raised the most money. Alyssa Eacono and Stephen Casey are somewhat policy wonkish longshots. Right now I’m sort of leaning toward Casey, in the full expectation that he’ll get slaughtered in the primary. My guess would be Gonzales either wins outright or goes to a runoff with Gordon. All would be a vast improvement over Democratic incumbent Diana Maldonado.

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2 Responses to “Republican Primary on Tuesday, March 2nd: House District 52”

  1. Holly Hansen says:

    We’re hoping you’ll give this race some more attention since it has national implications (and was mentioned by Karl Rove in his WSJ piece last week.)

    This week former candidate Stephen Casey and Texas Right to Life endorsed Larry Gonzales. In so doing they’ve joined Texas Alliance for Life, Empower Texans, Young Conservatives of Texas, etc. The only entity that endorsed Gordon, did not conduct interviews of the candidates, and if I were a betting woman, I would bet they won’t do so for the runoff.

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