A Few More SOPA/PIPA Tidbits

Here’s a visual representation of congressmen supporting and opposing SOPA/PIPA:

(Click to Embiggen)

By my eyeball count, 40 of those 65 congresscritters still supporting SOPA are Democrats (plus one gray box that I assume is Socialist Bernie Sanders), whereas 56 of 101 opposing it are Republicans.

Via Instapundit comes a commentator on lefty site FireDogLake raging about how Republicans have owned the issue:

Those of us charting the protest yesterday were struck by how most of the lawmakers turning against the bill were Republicans. If you look at the latest whip count on PIPA, for example, you see that more Republicans oppose it at this point than Democrats.


The Tea Party has struck fear into their party; the progressive movement inspires laughter.

Finally, isn’t it funny how lots of the same people who decried the Citizens United ruling are singing the praises of Google, Wikipdia, et. al. for weighing in on SOPA?

If corporations have no First Amendment rights, why can’t federal or state or local governments single out, say, Wikimedia Foundation for its SOPA/PIPA blackout? Why can’t they penalize or fine or even dissolve it? Why can’t they single Wikimedia Foundation out for disproportionate enforcement of unrelated laws in retaliation for disfavored speech?

(Hat tip: Dwight)

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