LinkSwarm for March 30, 2012 (Including More ObamaCare Hearings Fallout)

A few nuggets of insight before you head off for the weekend:

  • ObamaCare is bad already, but it’s going to get a lot worse.
  • Why ObamaCare can’t work: “It is a perverse but very real fact of life that the more complex and rich the system to be regulated, the less the ‘experts’ and the goo-goos have the political power to impose their vision on the regulatory process. The more carefully crafted a law needs to be, the more it is going to be full of lobby lollipops and sweat heart deals. A legislative body trying to write a health care law for a country like ours is like a neurosurgeon operating, drunk, with one hand holding a chainsaw and the other in a boxing glove.”
  • Reason notes that ObamaCare’s “limiting” principles sound a lot more like expansionary principles.
  • Is somehow ObamaCare survives to 2014, expect a raft of lawsuits over the elective abortion-premium mandate.
  • Paul Ryan endorses Mitt Romney. That’s a great pickup for him, and it eases, ever so slightly, my concerns that Romney will be a “big spending Republican” in the mode of Bush43 should he get elected.
  • Dwight notes a Hezbollah connection to the story of a chain of Austin bars that weren’t paying their employees what they were owed.
  • From Michael Totten comes word that the Islamists appear to have been defeated in Tunisia, which is good news indeed.
  • Will Azerbaijan help Israel hit Iran? If so, good for them. (Naturally, Obama is objecting.) (Hat tip: JihadWatch.)
  • So a Hispanic Democrat shoots someone who might or might not have been assaulting him, and suddenly Texas Democrats are ready to drag gun control back on the agenda. Thanks Rep. Garnet Coleman (Democrat, Houston)! I was a little worried that gun owners might be not be motivated to go to the polls in Texas in 2012 (what with the House, Senate, and Governor’s mansion all under Republican control), but your proposal to end the castle doctrine is just the tonic we need to get them to the voting booth!
  • Serial torturer killer Robert Ben Rhodes sentence to life in prison rather than the death penalty.
  • The King Street Patriots in Houston have a Democratic Judge rule against their tax-exempt status in a lawsuit brought by the Democratic Party. I wanted to point out the frivolous nature of this lawsuit, but Big Jolly already beat me to it.
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    One Response to “LinkSwarm for March 30, 2012 (Including More ObamaCare Hearings Fallout)”

    1. Dwight Brown says:

      “Dwight notes a Hezbollah connection to the story of a chain of Austin bars that weren’t paying their employees what they were owed.”

      If you go clubbing in Downtown Austin, you’re clubbing with terrorists.

      (If I had any art skills, I’d do that as a poster.)

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