My Obligatory Blog Post About Convicted Felon Brett Kimberlin

Just in case you hadn’t heard, today is Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day. Or should I say, “Blog about convicted felon, Speedway Bomber, and all-around psychopath Brett Kimberlin day.” Like Everyone Draw Mohammed Day, Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day is designed to stand up to illegal harassment and intimidation by giving the bad guys (Jihadests or convicted felon Brett Kimberlin) too many targets to attack. And like jihadests, convicted felon Brett Kimberlin has defenders (and funders) among the hard left.

Also, I certainly don’t want to be left out of the Blog About Convicted Felon Brett Kimberlin day festivities if there are tasty death threats to be garnered!

Here’s a short video:

And here are several posts where you can read about what an unmitigated scumbag convicted felon Brett Kimberlin is:

  • A history of convicted felon Brett Kimberlin’s bombing spree in two parts.
  • Popehat offers a summary of convicted felon Brett Kimberlin’s misdeeds for those just getting up to speed.
  • The long, chilling take of how convicted felon Brett Kimberlin trying to frame Aaron Walker for a crime.
  • Patterico on how a fake 911 call in his name caused the SWAT team to show up at his house with guns drawn.
  • When I first read that Stacy McCain was relocating to an undisclosed location to to intimidation from convicted felon Brett Kimberlin, I thought it was a joke. It wasn’t.
  • That should be enough to keep you going for a while, but if I have time, I may blog more about convicted felon Brett Kimberlin, if only to be the number one Google hit for the phrase “convicted felon Brett Kimberlin.”

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