LinkSwarm June 16

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  1. Geoffrey Britain says:

    “Obama’s gulf spill speech is receiving scathing reviews from his biggest supporters. “This gives pablum a bad name.””

    About Obama’s speech the other night and the scathing reviews from the left.

    I just had an epiphany about that, took a few days for it to percolate up out of the old subconscious.

    Obama and the Democrats just lost the 2012 Presidential election.

    I suspect that most fail to fully appreciate that Obama’s speech the other night had a profound consequence for the Democrat party.

    Obama’s speech confirmed and solidified an increasing public perception of Obama as an incompetent, empty suit working above his ‘pay grade’.

    That perception has hit the ‘tipping point’ and like concrete is now ‘setting’ into ‘stone’.

    Consider; it’s now been 23 days since Obama promised Ariz. Gov. Brewer to within 2 wks. have his staff contact her staff to inform her of the specifics of his committing $500M and up to 1200 Nat. Guard troops to the Ariz. border… and the only sound they’ve yet heard is that of crickets chirping…

    All the liberal/left pundits sense it, thus their distress. They simply lack the intellectual honesty to face the handwriting on the wall, so they prevaricate about symptoms instead of root causes.

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