NRA’s Sell-Out: It’s Official

The NRA officially announces they’re selling out to the Pelosi congress’ anti-free speech agenda.

This is a bad decision that will cause them to lose members. You don’t knife your friends in the back to make deals with your enemies, and you don’t make deals with the butcher to stand aside while he slaughters the other animals in exchange for being eaten last. And as long as Pelosi is Speaker, “pro-gun Democrats” can only be considered as pro-2nd Amendment as Bart Stupak was pro-life, i.e. right up to the point that it becomes a choice between their “principles” and the dictates of the Democratic leadership, and then their principles can be bought off with a empty promise.

Members should still contact the NRA at all levels to know this is unacceptable. You can also call them at 1-800-672-3888, or use the NRA PVF fund form.

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3 Responses to “NRA’s Sell-Out: It’s Official”

  1. Ross Wolf says:

    Before Hitler dissolved German Parliament, he got support for passing controversial legislation from corporations by bribing them with special breaks inserted in legislation that economically injured their competitors that produced similar products. Bribed corporations were so greedy, they didn’t realize Hitler was undermining the collective power of the corporations, turning the corporations against each other so they could not oppose Hitler’s policies. Subsequently the corporations standing separately and no longer together, Hitler was able to strong-arm, control and shutdown corporations he gave breaks to earlier.

    Will the Second Amendment come to an end in similar fashion?

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