Austin Gun Show Ban Update: What Dwight Said

I was going to do an update on the proposed Austin/Travis County gun show ban, but Dwight has already hit the highlights.

Quick tl:dr summary:

  • Travis County Commissioners discussed the ban, but didn’t vote on it.
  • They’re going to have an “executive” (i.e. closed) session with their attorney.
  • Houston tried to pull a similar stunt and ended up paying $50,000+ in legal fees.
  • Dwight has added fax numbers so people from 1987 can voice their displeasure as well.
  • If you live in Travis County, I’d advise you to call, email, and writer your County Commissioner/City Councilman, if you haven’t already.

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    1. Dwight Brown says:

      I’ve updated that post with some additional information from the Statesman’s story, which has also been updated. tl,dr; Judge Biscoe and the court want to get an opinion from the county’s attorneys. They’re making noises like they expect their lawyers to tell them…”expect a double-barrelled lawsuit if you go through with this”. So to speak.

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