Obama Is Not A Crook!

Or so he would have us believe. But the Obama Administration has been acting pretty Nixonian as of late.

First there’s how the White House lied about Benghazi, and how the CIA’s original talking points were altered to support the lie. (Exactly how those edits in talking points evolved can be found here.) And they’re still lying.

Then there’s the IRS scandal. Not only was the IRS targeting and auditing Tea Party groups, there were asking for a ridiculous amount of personal information. Like the names of family members and a list of all the members of the news media the group has ever interacted with. Then they released some completed comments to ProPublica before they had been approved, i.e., they weren’t public documents yet.

And here’s the IRS crew responsible.

Then there’s that whole getting all AP telephone records for two months thing.

Time even breaks out the Kleins in an attempt to poo-poo the very idea of Obama’s resemblance to Tricky Dick.

Indeed, Obama seems to be following the Nixonian blueprint far more effectively than Nixon ever could.

Of course, there is one big difference between Obama and Nixon…

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