Super Brief Post on Egypt

I don’t know what’s really going on in Egypt beyond the largest protests in the history of the world.

Your basic protest in the middle east doesn’t mean jack compared to guys with guns. But protests this massive change the scale of things. Mohammed Morsi isn’t popular with the army, which he hasn’t yet succeeded in Islamicizing. Protests this big are essentially giving the army the green light to take Morsi out.

Protestors have set fire to Muslim brotherhood headquarters, albeit incompetently, if this video is any judge.

Aim for the windows with the Molotovs, people, not the facade!

In addition to be an Islamist scumbag, Morsi has been a manifestly incompetent, nakedly-power-grabbing authoritarian. A lot of protestors are probably opposing the Muslim Brotherhood’s incompetence at governing rather than islamism per se. Michael Totten has noted that liberals (in the classical, Democratic sense) are a distinct minority in Egypt.

Oh, and all that “smart diplomacy” and speech-making from Obama? Thanks to his backing Morsi (with our tax dollars), Egyptians now hate us more than ever.

With demonstrations this massive, there are only three possible endgames in Egypt:

  1. Morsi steps down
  2. The army removes Morsi
  3. Civil war

Possibility #1 is unlikely, and Possibility #3 would likely be a bloodbath to make the Syrian Civil War pale in comparison.

So let’s hope Possibility #2 prevails. But I have no idea how likely that is…

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