It Took America Less Time to Win World War II Than for Obama to Fail to Implement ObamaCare

Today is the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. After that sneak attack, America, roused to righteous fury, picked itself up, and managed to defeat both Hitler’s Germany and Tojo’s Japan in three and a half years. (We had a large measure of help in defeating Hitler from the British Empire and the Soviet Union, less in defeating Japan.)

More time has passed from the signing of ObamaCare to now than passed between the bombing of Pearl Harbor and VJ-Day:

  • Days from December 7, 1941 to August 14, 1945: 1346 days
  • Days from March 23, 2010 to December 7, 2013: 1355 days
  • Let me make it clear that I’m not pulling a Santorum: I’m not comparing the effects of World War II to the effects of ObamaCare (devastating to our economy thought the latter has been, and will continue to be). What I’m noting is how America’s very effective wartime government managed to accomplish a Herculean task, many of whose subtasks (D-Day, The Manhattan Project) probably exceeded in size and scope all of ObamaCare, in three and a half years, while in the same period of time, Obama’s bloated administration, armed with virtually infinite computing power compared to 1945, has been unable to get a single complex piece of software up and running properly.

    We all know the Obama Administration felt that ObamaCare was (in Vice President Joe Biden’s own immortal words) “a big fucking deal,” his signature achievement. And with as much time as it took America to win World War II, Obama’s oversight of the project has been an unmitigated, miserable failure.

    Obama Pearl Harbor

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    4 Responses to “It Took America Less Time to Win World War II Than for Obama to Fail to Implement ObamaCare”

    1. Tam says:


      A burn for the ages.

    2. Not Rick says:

      To be fair (wait why the hell am I being fair???? I hate this program my rates when from 400 to 640 and my deductible when from 3500 to 5000 – thanks a lot.) We spent a bit more to accomplish victory in WWII and had much better support for the project.

      Still, both Twitter and Facebook did it better and faster for less money and they have much higher traffic levels.

    3. eldiabloloco says:

      Note: They used adding machines and chalkboards on the Manhattan Project. Very high-tech…..

    4. eldiabloloco says:

      Note: The adding machines were all “multi-threaded”, there were rooms and rooms full of them.

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