Twitter Suspends Robert Stacy McCain

As part of Twitter’s ongoing attempt to silence anti-social justice warrior thought, they have suspended the account of Robert Stacy McCain.

For now you can follow his alt account @SexTroubleBook.

In the best Kafka-esque fashion, the Twitter SJW police have refused to tell McCain why his account is suspended, or which offending tweet did the deed:

Twitchy has more.

Edited to Add: Reason covers the story:

Remember a few days ago, when Twitter elevated anti-GamerGate leader Anita Sarkeesian to its “Trust and Safety Council,” an imperious-sounding committee with Robespierre-esque powers to police discussion on the social media platform? The goal, according to Twitter, was to make it easier for users to express themselves freely and safely.

One user who won’t be expressing himself at all is Robert Stacy McCain: a conservative journalist, blogger, self-described anti-feminist, and prominent GamerGate figure who was banned from Twitter on Friday night. Clicking on his page redirects to this “account suspended” message that encourages users to re-read Twitter’s policies on abusive behavior.

But as with other Twitter suspensions, it’s impossible to tell which specific policy McCain is accused of violating, or which of his tweets were flagged as abusive.

Hiring Anita Sarkeesian to define free speech is like hiring Ted Bundy to run a battered women’s shelter…

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