Ted Cruz Makes Deadspin His Bitch

Upon finding out that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz started a regular senate basketball game, Deadspin asked for pictures of Cruz playing. Cruz himself posted a reply:

Heh. I’m pretty sure that’s Duke freshman Grayson Allen, who does indeed look a little bit like Cruz.

Instead of laughing it off (“Nice try!” would have been a good response), Deadspin decided on a response that was…disproportionate.

That just goes to show: You can take Deadspin out of Gawker, but you can’t take the Gawker out of Deadspin.

(As for those who object to this post’s title: I thought it was important to pitch it at an intellectual and emotional maturity level that Deadspin staffers were sure to understand…)

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4 Responses to “Ted Cruz Makes Deadspin His Bitch”

  1. SeanInNYC says:

    Cruz’s “Well that escalated quickly” post immediately after was the punchline that won the day, in fact.

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  3. David Hakala says:

    You guys don’t think it’s Cruz tweeting from Cruz’s account, do you?

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