Trump Starts Bringing a Rogue EPA to Heel

President Trump is wasting no time in cleaning up Obama Administration messes where it’s possible to do so by executive order. One over the weekend started reigning in the EPA. “The Trump administration instituted a media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants. Emails sent to EPA staff since President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday and reviewed by The Associated Press, detailed the specific prohibitions banning press releases, blog updates or posts to the agency’s social media accounts.”

Under Obama the EPA was a rogue agency perusing a radical environmental agenda at the expense of congressional intent. Texas alone has sued the EPA numerous times. A few of the lawsuits currently in progress over EPA overreach:

  • The Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.
  • The “Endangerment Finding” over greenhouse gas emissions congress never authorized the EPA to regulate.
  • The unconstitutional Clean Power Plan to regulate coal power plant carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The “Waters of the U.S. Rule,” allowing the EPA to micromanage the way farmers run their own farms.
  • Pollution Control Permitting, where the EPA illegally disapproved of Texas’ permitting program.
  • The 2016 Regional Haze Plan Suit. “Once again, the Obama Administration is misinterpreting and misusing federal agencies to force through a radical agenda based more on the beliefs of his environmentalist base than on common sense.” There was also a lawuit over the 2012 Haze Plan.
  • A lawsuit over the EPA’s failure to analyze job losses from coal regulations.
  • The Qualified Facilities Program for oil and gas drilling.
  • The Flexible Permit Program.
  • The Mercury Rule.
  • Industrial Plant Regulation.
  • Two separate Sulfur Dioxide Rule lawsuits. one still pending.
  • Multiple Greenhouse Gas rule lawsuits.
  • A lawsuit over Freedom of Information Act requests over the EPA colluding with various environmental groups to issue laws.
  • There are probably a few I’ve forgotten.
  • U.S. District Judge John Preston Bailey has said that the agency “evidences the continued hostility on the part of the EPA to acceptance of the mission established by Congress.”

    Says Powerline’s John Hindraker:

    The EPA was created by Congress and owes its powers exclusively to Congressional enactment, but over time it has become contemptuous of its democratically-elected master, and has come to view itself as a superior and independent power, entitled to enforce those legal provisions that it likes, and ignore those that are inconvenient. Agencies like the EPA are the single greatest threat to the freedom of American citizens.

    The EPA is a rogue agency long overdue for reining in.

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    2. Elaine says:

      Eight years of Marxist mayhem under a president who was never vetted by anyone. Someone who wrote his first Executive Order, after being sworn in, to hide every public document abouthis birth, his attendance at Occidental and other educationalinstitutions, his baffling stint as a State of Chicago legislator, new on that scene, becoming president of the United States. What is even more unbelievable, no mainstream media ever looked closely into who he was, who promoted his quick rise to such heights, or what he had ever achieved besides being a social organizer in Chicago. Has there ever been any other instances of such quick rise to power without credentials before him? He created debt for Americans that surpassed all other presidents combined. He ordered drones to target Americans. He sent weapons into Mexico that killed Americans and Mexican people. He told ushe was Christian yet surrounded himself with Islam, bowing before a Saudifor the world to see. He stood down military help for an Ambassador in Libya where four Americans were murdered. He set upimpossible rules of engagement for American troops fighting against Islamic forces. He was filmed telling a Russian government representative that he could do more when he was elected. Now, his disastrous and illegal forced health care system is to this day protected when it is clear that America has voted for a change by electing Donald Trump. The Congress and Senate never moved to impeach this president with multiple aliases and social security numbers of dubious origin. Yet, they are clamouring to bring down President Trump with scurrilous accusations that don’t have a shred of truth? They have thrown up road blocks when he has attempted to cut waste, bloat of federal agencies, and relief for the American people who are made to pay for all the reckless overreach into our personal lives. Now, private citizen Obama has set up residence near the White House and is grooming a force to cause disruption to a duly elected seated president and mainstream media is silent. I keep watching these events unfold and now see that those we thought we elected to represent the American peoples’ best interests, and uphold the Republic’s Constitution by their oath or affirmation, have another agenda entirely. The evidence is in the actions they have taken. It appears to be an end run around We The People, in order to bring about a new form of government without bothering to address the huge issue that they are employees of the American people. Can employees tell the employer that they are now going to seize control? How would that be received in any private company? Americans had better pay attention to what is ongoing and rectify this insurrection within the halls of our employees. Our freedom requires knowledge of the contract agreement with those elected. It requires taking responsibility for what occurs and diligence in doing what is needed to bring in new employees togovernment who are mindful of those who employ them to carry on the business of a free and open society of people who are watching over the halls of government.

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