CNN’s Bad Week Gets Even Worse

Another CNN Post? Already?

Yep. Another Project Veritas video dropped, this one featuring a different video with CNN producer Jimmy Carr.

The headline is about how CNN employees think Chris Cuomo is a dick who owes his position to the fact his brother is governor. This should not be shocking news to anyone.

More interesting I think is the arrogance and poor situational awareness of a CNN employee being caught on hidden camera talking about how CNN employees were recently caught on hidden camera. At this point, every CNN employee talking to someone outside the company should assume they’re on hidden camera. And yes, that means attractive women too, dummies.

In other news, CNN is claiming that the author of the β€œTrump bodyslams CNN” meme that they threatened to dox is actually a middle-aged man, not a teenager as first reported. Which makes their actions less reprehensible only in that they may have broken one less law than previously reported. Also, there’s evidence that the random guy CNN tried to blackmail is actually the wrong random guy. (Hat tip: Ace of Spades HQ.)

Speaking of breaking laws, Ted Cruz cites Georgia criminal statutes CNN may have violated with their actions.

And the Tweets and memes keep coming:

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