“A Weaponized Race-Baiting Machine”

The NRA’s Colion Noir brings the wood on #BlackLivesMatter, George Soros, dysfunctional Democrat-run cities, and the liberal media complex, among other topics:

“When you start calling everything that attacks the white liberal agenda ‘white supremacy,’ the term means nothing.”

It’s a wide-ranging discussion that touches on a lot of topics before focusing on black firearms ownership at the end, and I don’t think Noir is 100% accurate on some topics. (For example, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 probably did not “lock up millions of black fathers for [petty} drug offenses,” as incarceration rates after it was passed merely continued the same upward trend that had been evident since the launch of the War on Drugs in the early 1980s.) But he’s more correct than not.

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One Response to ““A Weaponized Race-Baiting Machine””

  1. Matthew W says:

    All well said sir !!
    As far as BLM goes, yes, there are many problems in police departments but I vehemently object to the idea that EVERY TIME a black person is shot by a white cop, that it is automatically because of racism. The way BLM reacts, calling it racism does nothing but create a divide, which is what rich billionaire liberals like Soros really want.

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