PayPal Bans, Then Un-Bans Jihad Watch

In wake of an attack by George Soros-funded hard-Left website ProPublica (based, in turn, on the laughable list put together by the equally far-left Southern Poverty Law Center), PayPal suspended the account of Jihad Watch for promoting “hate, violence, or racial intolerance.” Which, of course, is absurd, since it is jihadists who spread hate, violence and intolerance, not JihadWatch.

Good news! Being on the receiving end of incredible pushback, PayPal backed down and restored Jihad Watch’s account.

This brings up the question, yet again, why the supposedly pro-gay, pro-feminist left is so soft on jihad they’ll label anyone fighting it part of a “hate group.”

Oh, and JihadWatch head Robert Spencer (who, we must stress yet again, is not Richard Spencer) has put up a non-Paypal donation form.

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