This Week in Jihad for January 27, 2011

The big Jihad news this week, of course, was the Moscow bombing. But that was hardly the only thing of note:

  • The Moscow bombers were evidently trained in Pakistan. “An al-Qaeda linked website said that the group Islamic Caucasus Emirate, led by the rebe Doku Umarov, was poised to claim it had staged the attack. It said that Russia’s harsh military measures against independence activists in the Caucasus had provoked the attack. It said: ‘You disbelievers are the firewood of Hell. You will enter it.'” (I’m guessing “rebe” is short for “rebel,” though I have not heretofore heard it used.)
  • Short, interesting analysis of successes and failures of Russia’s own war on terrorism.

    Dokka Umerov has repeatedly made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with al Qaeda, or bin Laden.

    The latter point reveals the following about the global War on Terror. First, the US and British efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq have succeeded in destroying al Qaeda’s reputation amongst Islamist organizations. If an Islamist cause as major as the Caucasus Emirate wants to stay clean of al Qaeda, it means that al Qaeda equals trouble. Al Qaeda involvement means interference from the world’s great powers.

    Second, Russia’s situation reveals that the US and British efforts have failed to do significant damage to the ideology of Islamism. If a nationalist movement turns itself into a movement with Islamist objectives in order to make itself stronger, then it proves that the ideals to which al Qaeda subscribes have not been significantly damaged.

  • UK man arrested “on suspicion of using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour,” i.e., burning a Koran.
  • Pro-Jihadist forces organizing in North Africa. Wait, did I say “North Africa”? I meant “Norway.”
  • JihadWatch (from whom I regularly steal a very significant fraction of the stories listed in these weekly Jihad roundups) interview Robert Reilly, author of The Closing of the Muslim Mind.
  • Hezbollah moves closer to control of the Lebanese government.
  • Lots more on that subject from the invaluable Michael Totten (just keep scrolling).
  • UK Jihadists evidently don’t like being filmed.
  • Australian artist receives death threats from left-wingers and islamists for anti-burqua mural. Once again we see the alliance of the left and radical Islam.
  • Danish Judge to Kurt Westergaard: Don’t you dare call the man who tried to kill you with an axe a terrorist.
  • U.S. border authorities arrest Jihadi Muslim cleric who was deported from Canada to Tunisia three years ago when he tried to sneak into California inside the trunk of a BMW.
  • Jihadists kill four in attack on army base in Thailand.
  • Also in Thailand, nine Buddhist wild pig hunters were killed by a roadside bomb. In other news, there are Buddhist pig hunters.
  • Jihadists also killed six in Nigeria. With machetes.
  • Wyoming joins Oklahoma in proposing law outlawing Sharia.
  • A similar law has been proposed in South Carolina.
  • New Imam of Ground Zero Mosque says that all apostates from Islam should be jailed. This is a great improvement from the standard clerical opinion that they should be killed…
  • He also says that most gays were abused as children. Strangely enough, some people have a problem with this.
  • All you Islamophobes who say Mohammed was a pedophile are way off base. Sure, Mohammed married a 6 year old, but all Islamic experts agree that he refrained from having sex with her until she reached the ripe old age of 9.
  • Islamic man in Buffalo texts his wife that he can’t live without her. Twenty minutes later he beheaded her.
  • Batman to get Muslim sidekick. Presumably one that doesn’t murder Muslim girls for daring to date non-Muslim men…
  • Muslim Minneapolis police officer arrested for assaulting his wife.
  • Bin Laden threatens France. Insert your own joke here.
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