Obama Jobs Speech Bingo

Pity the pundit forced by duty to watch an Obama speech. Barring a Teleprompter malfunction, there are few events more tedious and predictable. When even uber-Democrat James Carville says that between an Obama speech and a Republican debate, “I would have watched the debate and I’m not even a Republican or even close to being a Republican,” you know you’re in store for some deep hurting.

So how can we assuage the agony of those poor, dedicated souls who will be watching Obama’s jobs speech tonight? Barring an announcement that he’s abandoning Big Government liberalism for budget and tax cuts, the chances for another Obama snoozefest are vast, while the possibility of anything new and substantive are slim. How can we keep their attention focused on the POTUS, and not on the desperate need for another highball or passing a sanity roll?

Simple: With my handy Obama Jobs Speech Bingo chart below! Just print out and place a marker every time Obama trots out one of his stock job speech phrases. Which I’m confident will be pretty darn often.

Which dedicated pundit will be the first to post “Bingo! #ObamaBingo” to Twitter tonight?

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  1. forrest says:

    I canceled my cable/satellite in 2008 after seeing “THE ONE” one too many times. So how did the Bingo game turn out? If you could, please post the results, as I’m incredibly unlikely to watch this buffoon even to play a fun game like this.

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