The Files (Short and Long) On Convicted Felon Brett Kimberlin

If you’re confused by all the twists and turns of convicted felon Brett Kimberlin’s story (don’t worry, I am too), this condensed version should get you up to speed.

But wait! Aaron Worthing has has done his own summary!

But suppose you want to delve into the story of convicted felon’s harassment of Aaron Worthing in great detail? Well then, here’s the entire saga on one page! (Warning: That link may bring your computer to a crawl! You might want to try the version broken up across several web pages instead.)

A few more tidbits for convicted felon Brett Kimberlin and his associate Neal Rauhauser:

  • “No legitimate organization, and no law-abiding individual working in a professional manner, would retain the services of someone like Neal Rauhauser. Only someone with bad intentions would hire him.”
  • A Neal Rauhauser sock puppet exposed.
  • Democratic candidate Darcy Burner is employing Rauhauser.
  • The video that proves Kimberlin is a perjurer:

  • And rather than summarize the forest of link Stacy McCain put up, I’m just going to give you a link to his links. And here’s your receipt for my receipt.
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