Tell Us What Your Really Think

British atheist commentator and comedian Pat Condell let’s Islam have it with both barrels:

I doubt any of these sentiments will be new to anyone following attempts to contain Jihadism, but are seldom expressed with such pithy concision and free of even the slightest nods to PC sensibilities.

There was a time when Islam was given the benefit the doubt by many people in the west. Now we think it’s poison and we wish we’d never heard of it, because 20 years of baseless grievance mongering and knee-jerk offense have shown us this religion for what it really is. Now we don’t like it, we don’t trust it, and we are never going to respect it. And we don’t care how Muslims feel about that.

And to think how many liberals got their panties in a knot over Elizabeth Moon’s far milder criticisms.

Watch the whole thing.

(Hat tip: Roger Kimball via Instapundit.)

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