Abbott Rising

There’s much news about Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott as of late, so I’m just going to put it all here in this big virtual pile:

  • First, Abbott now has a hefty $18 million in his campaign fund, fueling speculation that he will be running for governor in 2014.
  • Rick Perry claims that if Perry runs again, Abbott won’t run against him, and that they’ve actually discussed this. Maybe. And maybe Perry’s not running again (he says he’ll decide in June or July). But frequently people have been known to misremember conversations, and politicians have been known to change their minds….
  • Matt S. Dowling interviewed Abbott about Second Amendment issues. As you would expect from an avid hunter, he comes down firmly on the pro-Second Amendment side of things.
  • He also did an interview on the same subject with Robbie Cooper of Urban Grounds.
  • And speaking of Abbott and guns, here’s an interview he did at last year’s NRA national convention:
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