Hugo Chavez Now Deader Than the Fifth International

Venezuela’s leftist dictator Hugo Chavez dead of cancer.

All the usual leftists are talking about how “his people” loved him. Well, not the political prisoners or the ones whacked in extrajudicial killings, but, you know, eggs, omelets, death squads. Stuff happens when you’re building a people’s republic.

Which might explain why he was the least popular leader in Latin America. (Though I doubt they do polling in Cuba. Is it too much to ask that Fidel Castro now die of a broken heart?)

But what I want to know is: Now that Hugo Chavez is dead, who will lead the Farm Workers Union?

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2 Responses to “Hugo Chavez Now Deader Than the Fifth International”

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  2. Hugo Chavez was definitely passionate about social justice, but I don’t believe he chose the best road to reach that goal. On the long run, socialism has always been detrimental to the people it was supposed to serve. Besides that, I dont understand why Chavez hated the US so much. By the way, I noticed that countries whose leaders hate America are usually countries where atrocities are commited on a regular basis…

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