Liberal Anti-Gun Ads Target…Ted Cruz?

ObamaOrganizing For America is using anti-gun ads to target Sen. Ted Cruz.

That’s some mighty fine political ad targeting you’ve got going on there, Lou.

The same Ted Cruz that pantsed David Dewhurst in the Republican primary runoff because Dew wasn’t conservative enough?

The same Ted Cruz who was endorsed by Gun Owners of America? (You know, the gun rights group that’s like the NRA, but not so squishy and eager to compromise.)

The same Ted Cruz who beat his opponent in the general election by 16 points?

The same Ted Cruz whose been walking point on Second Amendment Rights in the current congress?

The same Ted Cruz who isn’t up for reelection to the Senate until 2018?

Yeah, that’s a use of liberal money that I’m sure is going to be super-effective.

I hope OFA dumps all their money into ads against Cruz, since it will garner them squat and weaken their ability to place ads elsewhere.

(Hat tip: Rick Perry vs. The World)

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One Response to “Liberal Anti-Gun Ads Target…Ted Cruz?”

  1. Fiftycal says:

    The statists are so scared of Cruz that they feel they have to start the campaign against him now so they will have a track record in 2016. Why the temerity of a “freshman” to actually ask a QUESTION of a obamabot nominee! Like Obama, Cruz came out of Harvard law. Unlike Obama, Cruz actually WORKED for a living. Unlike Obama, who floated thru Harvard on a cloud of dope smoke and an honorary “editor” of the Law Revue, Cruz won the debating team prize. So Cruz can take apart a windbag like Biden or “cherokee” Warren with a few sharp phrases. And after the DISASTER this country will be in when obamacare goes into full effect, the 14 and 16 elections will bring a strong CONSERVATIVE candidate to the fore, not some milquetoast “moderate” like Romney or “it’s my turn” type like McCain. THAT is what they are spending money on.

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